The Mounting TensionMature

"Wake up sleepy head!" 

Camden eyes fluttered before they snapped open to find Danny's and Sally's faces inches from his own. "AH! WHAT THE HELL!" He boomed springing upwards.


Camden saw stars as he fell back down again he heard Danny grunt in pain above him as he wiped a spot where he knew a lump on his head was going to form.  "The pair of you are as clumsy as clowns" Sally told them matter of factly.  "This was your idea" Danny grunted as Camden opened his one eye to see a small bruise on Danny's forehead, he didn't look fazed about it whereas Camden must have.

Removing his hand from his aching bruise on his own forehead he muttered "Are assaults your way of a good morning?" he asked sarcastically.

"Just trying to have a laugh" Sally boomed cheerfully Camden could see the sun was well into the blue sky a clear hot day, made hotter by the fires below which still burnt on not a cloud was to be found in the deep blue sky. The weather certainly clashed with the chaotic city below them as a lousy breeze passed them Camden inhaled and exhaled, trying to believe there was no destruction, No zombies, Nothing. He was relaxing.

Until he opened his eyes.

"You could use a laugh though" Danny told him as if he could read his thoughts. "You seem quite tense dude" he added examining Camden's haughty face "Can you blame me?" Camden asked not liking the third degree on his behaviour, he sought his brothers burly figure and found it in the distant corner of the roof, munching on something.

"Just saying, maybe some breakfast will raise your spirits, just get some before Sally does..."

"I heard that!"

Leaving the pair of them, Camden saw the group had all sorts packed with them even cold toast with toasters no longer working he decided to grab the toast while it was still good and munched on it.

Cold and hard but still quite good.

He gazed over at the food pile, it was a small stack spilled from small backpacks or the depths of pockets, valuable assets crammed into a small space as these people ran for their dear lives towards the rooftop. They needed it for three or four days to survive before a military chopper lifted them to rescue, yet Camden was doubtful on the "rescuing" part he could no longer hear the distant whish of helicopters as the city burned on. Things weren't looking good.  

As he thought about this A shadow fell over him.

"I guess I owe you an apology then" Anna said slumping down next him, her hair looking more silver like in the sunlight.

"Don't worry about it" Camden uttered his eyes downcast.

"It's just..." she looked up and smiled at her three boys who were playing some sort of game a few feet away "Their good boys, I don't want them suffering more than they already have"  she said helping herself to some toast. There was a silence between them for a few minutes, Camden was never good in social situations. 

"Do you have kids?" Anna asked out of the blue

"No" Camden answered a little too quickly.

Another pause.

"Well, maybe at a time like this, it might be best less people for you to worry about, I suppose..." she trailed off. The "You" sounded more like a damming verdict on Camden, he began to fidget awkwardly.

"Where's their father?" Camden inquired her, pointing at the children.

"Like I said, they don't need to be suffering anymore than they already have" 

Understanding that the boys' father was roaming around as one of the dead floors below him, Camden's questions ceased. Anna's eyes become distant and vacant he understood she had been through a lot too.  

"Excuse me Anna, do you mind if you take care of Sandy, I need to talk to Danny" 

Camden and Anna turned, Mariam was standing over them. 

"Sure thing" Anna responded as Mariam lowered an infant in pink blankets to Anna, Anna's maternal instinct kicked in as she cradled the gurgling infant. Camden watched in envy, he noticed Mariam shoot him a glare out of the corner of his eye almost daring him to touch her child. "Her daughter" Camden realised. 

He was about to get up, before a brisk voice paused him.

"Morning all!" 

Ian, trailed by Bradley the Vicar's welcoming smile seemed rather wide, Camden noticed Mariam and Anna's faces melt at his presence. "Morning Ian" Anna said, much more happily to him than she had addressed Camden a few seconds before.

"The Lord has been kind to us all, to be looking this charming this morning" he mused sitting down and helping himself to some breakfast. Camden swore he saw Anna blush slightly at the compliment, Mariam even shred a small smile as she departed to Danny who was by the barricade. 

"The Lord's gotta hell of a job when it comes to me then" Sally said arriving at the scene her usual smile present.  As she planted herself onto the ground next to Camden who had to move up to give her some room "Oh careful everyone that's a nine on the richter scale" she joked, as her bum hit the floor. Camden found himself laughing to this, Sally had a much more feel good vibe about her than Ian, who Camden saw as a bit of brown nose.

"Well hopefully the Lord will spare us an earthquake" Ian said lightly.

"Hopefully the Lord will spare us another one of your sentences" Camden thought darkly.

The breakfast was a rather jolly affair, Camden discovered Ian was rather charismatic figure Anna certainly liked him, her four kids looked up to him, well he guessed people would look up to a religious figure at such a time. Sally simply helped to herself to whatever the hell was on the plate, while Camden remained fairly quiet throughout the conversation.

"Why aren't you wearing shoes?" 

A random sort of outburst in a quiet voice, which stopped all merry babble around the food pile. Camden realised he was being addressed, curious his eyes locked upon Ian's son Bradley who was staring at him openly now. 

"I had to throw them at those freaks to get up here, one got them right in the face" Camden boasted, hoping to sound cool. He probably failed, as he inspected his musty black socks now prickled with bits of exposed chipped stone from the roof of the flat. 

"In the face?" Ian asked.

"Yeah it was lucky shot, or you could say the power of my shoes is immense" Camden recited his earlier joke to Carl to the group.  The response was that Sally let out a booming laugh, "I dread to think what the power of your socks are gonna be then post-boy!" She clapped her leg as she laughed so hard.

Ian was wearing a patient smile. The baby in Anna's arms (Sandy) began to wail at this point probably due to Sally's laughter.

Camden got up as Anna tried to calm the infant down, ready to go talk his brother who was dining alone, he caught Bradley giving him a quick sort of grin, before his eyes hit the floor again.  "For once a kid finds me cool" Camden thought breezing with confidence, those teenagers the other day completely forgotten as he sat next to Carl.

"Hey" Camden mused brightly.

"Hey Bro,  nice to see you settling in" Carl said, his tone of voice was happy, but his eyes betrayed another emotion.

"What's wrong?" Camden asked.

Carl looked at Danny and Mariam.

"I think their wary of us" He said, munching on the last bit of toast he had "I overheard Mariam saying she didn't trust us, and when I spoke to Danny earlier he seemed closed up on the topic" Carl explained, Camden watched him as they faced the burning city below.

"This can't last, can it?" He thought aloud. 

"It will end soon, these things have to die just like anyone else, how'd you expect them too eat?" Camden reassured his brother.

His brother smiled.

"Fair point bro, Fuck, I'm the one acting like a social outcast here..." 


A stern voice, Camden paled as Carl shut up instantly he turned to see Danny his body posture rigid, his eyes hard, for once he was intimidating and didn't just look it either, behind him Mariam openly glared at Camden, her arms folded over her chest.

"We need to talk" Danny said seriously.

Camden's heart raced, he exchanged a look with Carl who looked as panicked as he did was Carl right? Were these people really that trustworthy? "I..." Camden began in defence. 


Danny's head wiped around, a door flew open.

Not the door on the apartment they were currently on, (although the door behind the air conditioner was swaying slightly more, which was a concern)

The twin flat door had burst open about fifty feet must have separated the two twin high rise flats in the area. So they were fairly close together, Camden saw nine figures of different shapes and sizes run onto the roof from this distance he could see the majority of the adults were covered in Black Blood.

"HEY!" Danny bellowed loudly, one of the men on the other roof lifted his head. "YOU OKAY!?" He asked. The fat man on the other side seemed to smile every one on both roofs were now transfixed staring at each other.

"WERE NOT BIT! IF THAT'S WHAT YOU MEAN! The fat man shouted back.

Camden smiled. He could tell, whatever shape these people were in, or whoever they were.

They seemed like a good people. Considering their response had been the same as his own. 

"Seemed" Carl's warning revibrated in his mind.  

The End

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