A Dozen On The RoofMature

"C-Camden, C-Camden, Marshall" Camden answered his watery globes flying anywhere but the man's stern black eyes, However this man seemed to sense something was off with Camden.

"Settle down, those things ain't got you yet" he reassured him. Despite the man's intimidating appearance Camden could sense a sort of stern kindness behind his words.

"Are you bullshitting me! The woman with her three kids clung to her bellowed her voice cutting through Camden like a knife, he shuddered as she ranted on "His pale as anything! And his shaking like a leaf!" 

"I'm not bitten if that's what you're suggesting!" He yelled back , yet a little meekly. 

The woman with her kids around her continued to glare at him one of her youngest boys began to cry silently, the tears seemed to slide down his chubby cheeks as Camden realised he had terrified these people. He turned to his brother and naturally Carl looked a lot more relaxed than him, hence why the attention was obviously on a pale and shaking Camden Covered in blood-stains rather than his butch army clad brother.

"I'm going to get our bearings Cam, just stay there, alright?" Camden nodded his eyes trained on his brother, Carl got up and began to walk off  towards the edge of the roof no one seemed to stop him.

"He ain't bitten woman! You know that, I know that!" The biker man yelled.

"He could be a drain on our resources!" The woman argued back. 

"I agree" Came a quiet voice, it seemed to whistle through the night air to Camden's eardrums, turning around he could see the Indian woman with her silent infant cradled to her chest was the one that had spoken. "I've got my own supplies, and I won't be a drain on you people, the only thing I'm trying to do is survive this mess!" Camden spat out his voice was croaky, almost like the hissing of the dead themselves. The woman was still glaring at him the biker man was wearing a blank expression.

"Look, I've got a bag of my own stuff here, I don't want any trouble and neither does..." 

"Well that settles it Anna" The biker man yelled to the greying haired woman. "I told you to let him up here, and you wanted to lock him out". He seemed to roll his eyes in disgust at her. The woman called Anna looked stumped, Camden's heart went out to her for a second He knew she had hit a brick wall in her argument but would she accept defeat, or lash out?

"I still don't trust him!" She finally snapped before swishing her long hair and turning away from the scene with her boys following her every step The sight of the blood and Camden's shouting (if it could be called that) had terrified her three young children who were now all crying making Camden feel guilty for his mere presence.

"Don't let Anna bother you she's just wound up about her kids getting hurt and all" The Biker man said helping Camden to his feet. "No problem" Camden said taking his massive hand in his own as he tugged him upwards.

"Name's Danny" he said shaking Camden's hand which was already in his grip "And it's Camden? Huh?" he inquired. "Yeah, Postman as you could probably tell" He smiled slightly, this man didn't match his scary appearance at all.

"Self-confessed biker right here, hell looks like were both of Anna's bad side today, second she saw me she freaked out" He let out a hearty laugh and clasped Camden on the back Camden was forcefully reminded of his brother a few feet away.

"So, do you know anything about this whole thing?" Camden asked him.

"Not a fucking clue, those black blooded freaks just started rising and biting people, cell phones are dead so I couldn't contact anybody. I got my sorry ass to the roof with these guys..." he gestured to the group around him. His beady black eyes than turned to Camden "How did you get past those things, though?" he asked.

"Turns out their attracted to noise, we used that to get past them".

"Shit! I should have figured that one out earlier, with their eyes and all" Danny moaned while Camden was chilling reminded off the blank white eyes of the dead. "No wonder they've been banging on the door all day, the amount of noise I've been making" he laughed at his own joke once again although Camden didn't really see the humour in it he laughed weakly along with him anyway.

Danny stopped in front of the fat ginger woman. 

"Sally this is our new roof dweller Camden. Camden this is Sally" 

They shook hands, the woman had a very cheery expression on her face. "Howdy do Post boy, see you brought us a delivery" she indicated the bag on Camden's back.

"Yeah" Camden uttered lamely. 

"Cheer up!" She exclaimed grinning brightly at him "Don't let Anna get to you, If you're a drain on resources then I'm a bloody Black hole!" she laughed patting her over-large stomach as Camden placed the bag on the floor. Glad in the knowledge that Danny and Sally were at least friendly open people, his eyes lingered upon the woman in the sari, Her dull brown eyes snapped away from him.

"Whose that other woman?" he asked the pair of them, still staring at her retreating form. 

"Oh, that's Mariam don't worry about her either, all she's done is rock her kid around and stare down into the oblivion" Danny commented with light humour however his eyes seemed to darken when he faced the burning buildings below.

"You can still hear them" Sally shuddered her light demeanour fading around her as her bright brown eyes reflected the destruction of the city and sure enough when Camden strained his eyes he heard the distant hissing and moaning, It came behind the door too but he could see a large air conditioner had been dragged in front of that door and it wasn't budging. "Everything fell so damn fast" Danny uttered his eyes sizzling slightly as he looked down at the frying pan of Delham below them, Camden felt tempted to ask him if he lost family or friends in this chaos but Sally chose that moment to speak up.

"Well it can't last forever, they'll starve eventually!"

Camden left them after that, Bidding them a goodnight stating he was exhausted the two accepted it with friendly smiles.

He omitted the detail of seeing one survive without it's head.

He could hear them as he walked off glumly speaking merrily of the stuff they would do after this whole thing had blown over when rescue arrived "at a few days at most" Sally reassured Camden, she would return to her job as a chef, Danny had been quiet on that subject Camden figured he was from the poorer areas of town. 

Yet one thing that bothered Camden was the lack of a military presence, when he looked out of the window earlier that day he could still hear distant blaring sirens and see the occasional helicopter buzzing around like a stray black fly in the blue sky, yet now there was nothing. The distant bleeping, imploded bangs of gunshots and distant squeals were more compacted in the centre of the city.

He peered in that direction he could make out one or two helicopters circling the whitish blue block of a skyscraper that was Delham Hospital, he wondered if they  could grasp the situation. The military can't have been decimated this fast it just can't have been, unless the "disease" was more contagious than Camden realised. 

There were a lot of "zombies" in that building below him and even though Camden knew he avoided the true horror of the apocalypse as he was above the fray, he knew that sooner or later he would have to face the masses of rotting dead once again.  

He was nearly to his brother with these worrying thoughts in mind, when a dark figure drifted in front of him.

"I see you are settling in well" 

His tone was very flat no sort of emotions seemed to radiate off his smile and his black eyes shone dangerously in the moonlight, his brows furrowed downwards almost an angry expression on his face. The Vicar.

"Yeah everyone's been very kind" Camden responded developing an uncomfortable feeling around this man just off his first impression.  

"Yes, It's welcoming to see people have undertaken the values of God under such a perilous situation"  Each one of the vicar's words had a rehearsed quality to it, his rather formal speech compared to other people around him also made a rather distant figure to Camden. As Camden thought about this, the black eyed vicar extended a hand "Ian" He seemed to say smiling, it sounded more like a hiss to Camden.

"Camden" Camden replied shaking his hand. Ian's pale hand was a cold as the zombies wondering the floors below.

As he let go of Ian's hand's he noticed a pair of inconstant maple iris' boring themselves onto him.  "Ah, this is my son, Bradley" Ian said pushing his offspring forward there was no love in his voice, nor no hate either.  "How do you do?" Camden asked the boy politely.

Bradley didn't seem to look at him, His eyes were now super-glued to the floor.

"Bradley, say hello and don't be rude" His father instructed.

Bradley's eyes flew to Camden for a second. 

"Hi" he squeaked.

His eyes lowered again.

"We've both been through a lot..." Ian began to explain as Bradley wondered off rather hurriedly, Camden knew the boy would stare at him when he wasn't looking. Soon Ian's rehearsed, religious and dragged words put Camden into a disinterested slumber, bidding a short goodnight to him which he accepted with a simple "and you too" he finally laid next to his brother.

"You've been quiet" Camden noted his brother looked different, he looked wary rather than relaxed. "Cam, do you really reckon we can trust everyone here?" He asked sharply. 

Camden seemed taken aback.

"Well they all seem alright..." Camden began.

Carl turned over the roof filled with stacks of prickly chips of granite that were digging into his back "Yeah, they seem alright, just... let's be careful, you never know what could happen in the future" he warned his brother, trying to get comfortable upon the needle like surface.

Carl spoke no more That was unusual, Camden was usually the cautious one. 

As he lay down on the uncomfortable floor on the top of the high rise flat he pulled his jacket closer to him as a strong wind rolled by creating an eerie "whoosh" that made Camden hug himself closer.

Looking up at the black night sky, as black as the blood pumping through those zombies his heavy eyes began to close as he tried to clear his mind of the fresh round of gory horrors he had witnessed today. 

"What a day..." he thought lousily. 

He glanced at the group one more time, Carl was snoring loudly behind him Danny and Sally were still talking, Anna was trying to get her kids comfortable for the night a worried expression on her face, her eyes flickering back the door, he could seen Bradley and Ian were dozing off like him.

And Mariam was there. Staring directly at him an odd look on her face her lips trembling as if she wanted to say something to him, Camden store right back at her she seemed to flinch and headed towards him.

Bracing himself for whatever she had to say, he opened his mouth.

Just as he did, Mariam muttered something under her breath and turned away from him tending to the infant in her arms.

"Strange" Camden thought lying back down.

Then again, So was everything right now. 

The End

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