New Faces. Some Not Rotting.Mature

Creeping slowly along the hall, Camden stopped breathing in panic when one of those things steered itself in his direction. 

Raising his weapon of a kitchen knife (the one he had used earlier) he prepared to dig into the face of the young woman approaching him. However she stumbled right past him, Camden nearly made a noise when he breathed in relief. 

His brother punched him in the arm slightly Camden turned to him.

"Quietest you've been in your life" Camden mouthed to him.

"Shut up" Carl mouthed back.

Five minutes passed with no incident, When Camden hit the staircase, again he was hit by an almighty chill as thousands of hisses and moans pressed against his eardrums, threatening to carve in his already weak mental state, as the dizzying staircase and echoes of the thousands of dead in the pitch black was almost enough to make any man break down.

"What was I thinking, what I was thinking..." Camden thought to himself panicked, as wicked white eyes gleamed in the darkness, stumbling in every direction possible. He closed his eyes and began to rock his head back to forth, his cap (still on his head for some reason) nearly falling from his bald scalp. 

He felt a reassuring arm around his shoulder. Carl. 

"He knows me too well" Camden thought for the second time that day.

Walking forward on his tiptoes, Camden tried to keep his nerves together although they jangled in his gut Bursting to come out either his bladder or mouth. At the start Camden was worried about his brother, being as brawny as he was. He would surely struggle to get through this tight space without brushing against these things.

Yet, it had seemed his years in the army had been a huge benefit.

Carl ducked and swerved the zombies as if they were typical obstacles found on a training course He didn't work up a sweat or pant like Camden was, Camden himself was awkwardly tiptoeing past as many rotten things as he could.

They reached the stairs and slowly the ascent began.

Nothing but them and the dead. No one shouted anymore. The silence pressed on his eardrums and Camden tried hard not to break, to muster up his inner courage and drive his way through this horde. For the first couple of years in high school, he had been invisible he was that quiet, Now all Camden had to do was hope his invisibility effect would work on these rotting things.

It did. Until Camden's leg brushed on one of them.

He froze, he felt it's flaky, freezing, skin, scratch across the fabric of hiss trousers before it's face was in his face, It's jaw snapping up and down, Camden's knife and heart travelled upwards his knife reaching the centre of the things face his heart stopping at his mouth.

The thing twitched before Camden pulled his knife out of his head, it fell to the floor with a thud as it lay truly dead. Camden jumped over the thing before running over to where Carl was watching him ahead He placed a hand over his mouth, trying to cover the noise of himself gasping, Carl glanced at him with those light filled green iris' amongst the blackness.

"Nice one" he mouthed gesturing at the corpse, with the other zombies' legs were now obscuring it from vision. Camden simply nodded, wiping the black blood on the kitchen knife onto his trousers. His right arm felt sore where he had struck that thing down He guessed his core survival instinct had kicked in faster that time He knew now (in this situation) you hit these things with everything you had.

Or else, you were dead meat.

Resuming the path upwards, the two brothers were more slow and cautious, as the zombie horde seemed to thin out.

"Thirty Fifth floor" Camden mouthed knowing they were Thirty Seven in this high rise flat Carl nodded to show he understood, Camden picked up the pace slightly.

And went flying on a pool of something wet.

Hitting the floor with a load thud, two nearby zombies took note of his presence, stumbling towards him with haste, Camden had no time. He sliced at one creating a large gash acorss it's chest as it ripped through the dead's thin black t-shirt and his knife found itself in the head of the other, he pulled it out with a horrible squelching noise. Camden turned to the next zombie, only to find Carl had already dealt with it. His small knife protruding from it's skull.

"Cheers" Camden mouthed his teeth chattering once again, but not in fear as it felt like the right side of his body had been dunked into a vat of ice cubes. He knew he it was covered in black blood and sure enough, looking down he saw a Camden shaped imprint in a black puddle below.

"Wonder what the hell happened here" Carl asked, edging around the puddle.

"I don't want to think about it" Camden thought and mouthed in unison.

Passing no more gory puddles despite their slower pace and four eyes scanning the floor Camden could almost flip a middle finger the thousands of zombies below circling the lower staircase, when they reached the Thirty Seventh floor, He recognised the corridor to the roof.  The Roof Access sign, only raised his spirits even more.

"This way" he breathed to Carl as Carl tailed him, Camden could clasp himself on the back he had gotten this far, and killed three...

No two zombies. His mistake.

Killed two of those things. Without drawing attention to himself, He could sing "Hallelujah" when they reached the rooftop!

Or, "Fuck My Entire Life" when he saw the swarm of zombies banging on the rooftop door.

"Looks like we were beaten to it" Carl noted sadly knowing full well that someone had already barricaded themselves onto the roof. Camden could now feel the horde closing in behind them, there was no going back down the stairs.  "Looks like were gonna have to be quiet" Camden said, an idea forming in his mind, he untied his shoe and banged it against the damp wooden floor as loudly and as powerfully as he could.

There seemed to be a moment when every collective thing in the building, held it's breath.

Then the horde charged forward, all of them around the door stumbling over each other to get to the source of the noise first, Camden heard loud hisses ascending the stairwell it was now or never Carl seemed to read his train of thought. 

They flattened themselves along the wall as the swarm passed, Camden had to breathe in as a particularly fat woman stumbled past him. He panicked that with his bulk, the fat woman would brush along Carl, but too his great relief Carl got through without alerting attention. (Although it looked like he was trying to suck his guts in to get past the woman)

Running without one shoe. (He abandoned the other one, the things you have to sacrifice in a zombie apocalypse...) they made it too the door.

"We can't alert them without shouting" Carl mouthed urgently Camden already had another plan. He patted the door twice, he paused for a few seconds and then twice again and then three times. Letting the people know on the other side that they weren't zombies.

There was pause before at long last, there was a knock from the other side.

Camden knocked in response. 

Now Camden could hear a deep murmur from the other side.

"Fuck..." Carl began in a tone that meant no good, Camden had forgotten, knocks made noises too and the swarm was fast approaching.

"SHIT!" He screamed abandoning the rules of silence completely, he hammered on the door. "OPEN THE DOOR, FOR FUCK'S SAKE! THEIR COMING!" He bellowed. More muffled voices followed Camden's bellow from the other side, these were more harsh and rapid, It sounded like an argument was occurring.

The swarm was nearly upon them.

Camden untied his other shoe and flung it at the nearest zombie (an elder bald man) who was miles ahead of the rest. The speeding shoe caught the man square in the face and he stumbled to the side. "Nice shot!" Carl complimented.

"The power of my shoes is immense" Camden joked nervously as the swarm approached.

Abruptly there was a click, the door in front of them was thrown open a meaty arm grabbed Camden by the scruff of the neck and flung him into the cold night air.

He saw Carl above him. As the door was slammed shut and something was dragged against it. There was a few moments of silence and panting and Camden could feel several forms closing in on him and Carl.

He looked up.

There were ten people Other than him and Carl.

A bony, middle aged woman, with grey-ish black hair. Three very similar looking boys clung to her, All had to be under 10.

The 5th person, was a bloated ginger woman, With freckles covering her face but with soft approachable brown eyes and a warm smile.

The next two people were an Indian Woman in a sari clutching an infant to her chest, Her eyes were widened in horror looking at the newcomer, her grip around her child seemed to strengthen.

The next person was a vicar, (in his uniform) with black eyes darker than the night sky above him, with salt and pepper black hair, a small mustache around his chin Age lines creased his face as he gazed at Camden in deep thought. 

A boy with his hands limp at his sides and a panicked expression on his face lingered behind the man. He had the same solid black eyes as the vicar and the same naturally black spiky hair. He had to the vicar's son, he looked no older than 9 and fairly pale but tall for his age.

And finally, the 10th person leaned in front of Camden, A burly black man, whose height and weight surpassed that of Carl. He had a nose ring that gleamed in the weak moonlight and he was wearing biker like clothing, with a dark leather jacket and vest that stretched across his broad chest, his eyes seemed oddly calm.

"Who are you?" he asked in a voice that betrayed no emotion. 

The End

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