Camden could say he slept in for a while that day.

Lying down on his bed still soaked to the bone with the black poison splashed across his uniform, he lay there too numb, or too shocked to sleep, his head buzzing with questions.

How had this started?

How the hell did this whole "flu" work?

Why was there little to no warning?

He could hear them across the narrow wall, hissing and grunting and whatever else those "Zombies" did. Looking up to the dust coated celling he laid still pondering on what he had seen. The blood on his uniform eventually grew dry, but there was so much of it, Camden's own eyes watered at the stench.  "You should really change your clothes" Carl muttered entering the bedroom he had pacing outside for all Camden could tell. 

"I don't feel like it" Camden uttered back. 

Carl stared at him for a few seconds He was developing a jumpy, twitchy sort of posture, He knew his brother as a man of action and simply waiting in an apartment for rescue was not his style. Eventually he sighed.

"Well, do you mind if I jerk off in your bathroom?"

Camden knew this was Carl's way of trying to gross him out to provoke some sort of response from him. So despite his bluntly honest announcement, it didn't cut Camden and make him flinch the way he wanted too.

"Just don't get your spunk all over the place, or I'll make you lick it up" He answered wearily. "What you're not going to stop me? Carl asked raising both his bushy black eyebrows, in which Camden continued to stare at his murky celling.

"Fine, stay in La, La Land" he mused, his hand ducking under Camden's bed and pulling out the Camden's dirty magazines, "Mind If I borrow these? It will quicken the process" 

"Whatever" Camden snapped, growing rather irritated. "Dude it's okay, all single men jerk off at least three times a day" and with a mocking smile he flew into the bathroom, a click reached Camden's ears told him his brother was most likely going to jerk off. 

"He knows me too well" Camden said getting up of his bed how else would he know exactly where Camden's stash of picture pornography had been? Hell, Camden used to buckle by the knees by carrying bookshelves of these type of magazines to his parents, to embarrass his older brother as he always hid them under his bed.

Seemed like Camden had unintentionally inherited something from his older brother. 

As he stepped back into his kitchen. To avoid (the no doubt) disturbing noises from the bathroom, Camden's green iris' flew to the nearby small window, he looked out at the city, a morbid curiosity drawing him to gaze upon his crumbling home city. 

It burnt in such a movie like fashion that Camden couldn't turn his eyes away. Like he had done yesterday he tried pinching himself.

Nothing happened.

"Well, this is real then" he thought miserably, the sounds of destruction muffled by his apartment walls. Yet he could see the sooty black haze across the city caused by the inferno's across the city, The impressive skyscrapers burning down like cigarettes from the top right down to the bottom, until Camden knew they would be stumped piles of ash on surface of black gravel, to put it simply the whole city was in the "shitty zone" now.

Camden's eyes ate at the sites of the city, distant sirens barely reached his ears, thick black smoke blocked his vision from the more violent skirmishes taking place on the crime filled streets. The black buildings seemed to sag into themselves decorated with a canvas of bright crimson splashes, the bare roads exposing the city's bones as it truly decomposed and died.  

Camden tried to avert his gaze towards the exhilarating clear blue sky and blazing white orb that was the sun above him, with the occasional pearly white cloud floating by lazily. he could get lost in daydream's about nature's beauty above him rather than have nightmares about the burning black and grey sludge that Delham city was slowly becoming below him. Closing his eyes he focused on the peaceful whistle of the wind at this altitude. 

The day dragged on, dragging Camden's head down with it.

"Bro, wake up" Came a soft voice.

Camden snapped awake, and looked around, he had been drooling on his arm, curled up by the window, the sun was casting long shadows over the city, as it continued to go up in smoke. 

There was a strange beauty about it.   

"Night's almost here" Carl whispered, his tone of voice a lot more gentle than it had been earlier. 

"We'll wait a little longer, just in case" Camden told him.

It was no good, the dark came too fast, but there was no stopping a reckless Carl who had already packed two bags containing food and drink he could salvage from Camden's fridge and cupboards. With the body still on the floor, and the city truly descending into blackness, the harsh whitish fires being the only sources of light Camden grew more afraid than he had during daytime. 

Finally the time had come.

"Bro, you know it's time to go" 

Also with the electricity gone, the apartment was plunged into darkness, the dead's hissing suddenly became a lot more menacing. Camden gulped.

"Are you sure, all we have to do is too be quiet?" he asked his brother desperately, his teeth chattered. "Not a peep, not a word, we'll head to the roof. We can't exactly head down, and we may be able to call for rescue from there".

His brother's reasons all made sense to him, but there was another, unsaid but major reason Camden knew now was the time to leave.

Those things would get in eventually. All it took was a frustrated shout, or knocking a chair over and hundreds of them would be crashing on that door They would die enclosed. If Camden was going to die, it would be out in the open rather than suffocating under hundreds of stinking carcass'. 

Carl had run through the plan earlier, before Camden had went to lie in his bedroom mulling over what had happened. With no TV or radio on the situation they truly were left in the dark. All they could rely on was their predictions, get the roof, kill any "infected/zombies/freaks on the roof" (They both had several different names for the white eyed things trying to kill them, Barricade themselves on the roof and somehow call for rescue. His postal bag wrapped around his chest. (With Carl carrying another bag) He turned to Camden.

"Remember, kill anything that tries to munch on you, don't touch them if you can't help it and use your greatest ability Camden" He instructed his younger sibling. 

"What is my greatest ability?" Camden asked.

"Not making a sound" Carl hissed. Before the barricade was removed and he flung the door open.

Camden looked down the dark hall and saw a few stumbling silhouettes He looked at his bloody uniform again. 

"Just another day at work" he thought to reassure himself. 

The End

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