Carl lay sprawled on the sofa drowning the can of warmed beer with tremendous gulps, that made his Adam's apple bob violently in his throat. Camden's shining green orbs studied his brother's every future, still in his skin the door behind them bolted shut and locked gave Camden some sense of security. Yet here he sat still in his  soaked clothes, Sitting awkwardly his limbs limp, feeling like he'd just wet himself, yet the stench in the room was so overpowering, he didn't seem to mind. 

Carl finished with his beer can and flung it too the side "Dude, that was warm beer, and that sucked" he mused while picking at his teeth. 

"Fridge's power has gone" Camden informed him.

"Yeah I figured that, but alas..." his eyes lowered to the crinkled beer can on the floor.

"Do you want another?" Camden asked, Carl looked him directly in the eyes.

"I should be asking you that Cam, you look like you've just seen a ghost".

Camden gestured to the body on the floor "Well technically I kinda have" 

"Fair point" His brother said laying back.

Carl Marshall was only 2 years older than Camden, but his skin had was more tanned than Camden's, his short spiky black hair gleaming in the light from the windows. His green eyes shone with a light that Camden's didn't, stubble coated his entire jaw and he had an easy smile. At 6,2 he was slightly smaller than Camden, but due to his massive bulk he seemed to tower of his younger brother in every aspect. 

"So, beverages aside, how the hell did you get here?" Camden asked exasperated.

"Soon as these things starting rising, they attacked the base, most of the lads didn't get out however I got lucky and considering you're the only family I have I came here, I meanwhere else would I go?"  He asked of Camden who simply nodded.


"How'd you get past the horde... of things!?" Camden inquired.

"On the staircase? Please, I made into this flat before they clogged up everything, got too you in the nick of time, hey? Or the nick of time for you to see you be a badass for once" Carl replied with an easy, white toothed smile.

"Not even a speck of blood on you though" Camden noted sadly, his brother superior to him in every aspect. Carl flung death to the side without a scratch, whereas Camden sat there aching and soaked after facing only one of those "things". 

"You're alive, so don't self pity yourself I won't have it" Carl told him sternly in the trained response of the solider he was, but because he was addressing his younger brother, Camden could feel the affection leaking behind the command.  His brother was in the army He worked in a nearby base.

Wait, no he didn't.

"Yeah he does" Camden thought quickly, wondering why on earth such an absurd thought rose in his head for a second His brother was his role model, his heroic solider figure not perfect by a mile, But Camden's hero.

"So how are things?" Carl asked causally to sway the conversation, as the zombies would sure make a depressing topic if dwelled upon too long.

"Oh well, besides the zombies..." Camden began before a short laugh from Carl stopped his upcoming speech. 

"Zombies, you're joking, right?" Carl asked wide eyed.

 "Well, what else would you call them?" Camden asked glancing to the mangled corpse on his apartment floor.

"A lot of things, but carry on. Other than the zombies..." He stretched out the last word melodramatically, trigging Camden to roll his eyes. 

"Life is the same as always". Camden answered on monotone.

"Life-is-the-same-as-always" Carl mocked in a over exaggerated robotic accent before he leapt of the sofa and clasped Camden's back. "Loosen up Cam!"

"Now's not the time"

"There never seems to be a time with you Cam my man." 

"Yeah, but this is but come on this is the... worst time" Camden answered lamely. 

"Judging by that tone of voice, I'm guessing you're still single"

"Judging by that tone of voice, I'm guessing the shagging bragging session is coming up" Camden answered back, when they were teenagers, Carl would sit there for hours explaining and describing his conquests to Camden in vivid detail, just to gross out Camden or make him jealous. 

"Well I'll begin with..." Carl began on his high horse.


Carl shut up as quickly as he started, Camden instantly recognised the dreaded hissing behind the door. He dived behind the sofa his brother following him, He waited for a few tense minutes his breath loud in his ears Until finally the hisses seemed to subside. 

"I guess they heard us" Carl whispered. 

"You think?" Camden hissed back sarcastically. 

Another bang on the door shut them up. 

"Okay small talk over, now it's time to discuss what the hell to do next" Carl said a few minutes later after the banging had once again stopped.  "We hold out here and wait for help" Camden thought aloud, it seemed like the most sensible thing to do. 

"What if there is no rescue?" Carl challenged 

"And what if there is?" Camden argued back. 

Carl head slumped back across on the back of light green pasty sofa. "Fine, we'll wait until nightfall but if no one or nothing has come by then, then we take our chances" Carl began. 

"What the hell are you talking about?" Camden asked. 

"Camden, have you seen their eyes? Add to the fact there attracted to noise?" With this suggestion Camden seemed to put two and two together once again.  

"So, their blind?" he asked his brother. 

"As a fucking bat" He reassured him. 

So they knew one thing about the infected, Camden was certain of another..."It spreads through bites" he announced, his voice firm.  "How'd you know that?" Carl asked. 

"That guy had a bite wound on his torso and if it was airborne we'd all be one of them by now" Camden reassured himself more than his brother.  "Well it spreads through liquids then, none of that Black shit get into your mouth or eyes, right?" With this Camden felt panic flare inside him for a second, before he realised he would have turned if it had. Relived he wiped his forehead however now more unnerved by the black poison on his uniform, as he wiped the caked clumps of the stuff from his cheeks.

"No, I'm cool" Camden said.

"Great, looks like we have a plan then" Carl responded standing up, his eyes locked permanently on the door in front of him.   

Step One. Barricade the door, an unspoken must do in such disasters.   

The brothers did so, as Camden lifted one of his shelves (trying to make the least noise he could) His small photo of his parents nearly fell to the floor Camden himself caught it, He looked down and gazed at his parents smiling faces.  "I should have told them, now their judging me" Camden said more to himself than anyone else, but next second he felt Carl's arm around his shoulder. 

"Those fuckers had what was coming to them, Cam". 

Camden eyes found the floor. Guilt eating up at him.

"Look at me bro" 

Camden's eyes slowly found his brothers.

"Don't linger on that, not now. It was never your fault, they had it coming to them, the second they fucked with you". His voice was steady his face serious, His green glare so intense, Camden simply nodded believing his role idol brother, Confidence flooding back into his being. 

"Now help me move this damn thing"

With more of a spring in his step, Camden did so. When it was safely in front of the colourless door that matched the colourless peeling walls in his apartment, Camden turned to his brother. 

"Thanks" All of the gratitude and admiration he had for his brother compacted into that one word. For reassuring him, for being here now, to look after him in this dangerous time.  His brother turned him his dazzling smile present on his face.

"We need each other at times like this. I need you..." he began.

"And you need me at this time" 

The sunlight streamed in from behind his brother, casting a sort of halo around his head. 

The End

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