Head On AttackMature

Camden paled the stumbling... well... Zombie! Was almost upon him. 

He ripped his feet from the ground but by now the Asian Man was almost upon him, In a blind panic he only half rose before he stumbled backwards tripping over his own large and clumsy feet.


Camden's landed shoulder first onto the small table on the kitchen the table slid to the left as Camden fell to the floor, a sharp throbbing pain, shooting up his arm, Rolling over he froze in place as a powerful grip wrapped itself around his ankle.

He noticed how cold the hand was, even through the thin fabric of his trousers a chill went through his whole body as his eyes latched themselves upon the... the thing that had once been a man.

Up close the man was more grotesque looking than Camden could have imagined, with blood as black as the night dotted on his face, His skin an unnatural shade of white that had a blue hue about it and then those eyes, there was just... nothing in them. But what terrified Camden the most was the man's mouth, as it opened to munch on his leg...

Seeing that nasty bite wound on the man's torso Camden was a not a man to take chances.

He kicked his leg back, but to his horror the thing kept it in place his yellowing molars were millimetres from Camden's ankle. Cursing his lack of physical strength, Camden tugged his leg again and this time he managed to jerk it out of the man's biting range. 

Camden was breathing heavily the man seemed to lunge after him as Camden tried to recover, He moved sluggishly but there was power behind the man's movements that Camden didn't have. It didn't help that the man had been a meaty figure before he got "sick".

"Before he died" A voice in his mind told him as adrenaline coursed through Camden's veins.

"AH! GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!" He semi shouted and gasped in unison as he drew up his two legs to his to chest tightening whatever strength he had, he released it by aiming some well aimed kicks at the man's head.

He kicked rapidly, like a squealing baby His blows may have been rapid but no matter how hard he tried the man's continued to wiggle towards him. Camden's legs grew heavy and more fatigued with each kick, his feet were beginning to slide down the man's face as the blood on the man's face made it more difficult for a kick to have great effect due to the lack of grip.

His chest on fire. Camden tried to crawl backwards further knowing he couldn't outpower this Satanic thing. However to his horror one of the meaty man's hands held his leg down as he brought his body forward.

And suddenly, Camden was underneath this thing, This zombie, it's head swinging from side to side black blood dripping onto Camden's face and clothes. Grunting in effort and scrunching up his face so none of the blood could get into mouth or eyes, he felt the unnaturally cold blood running down his face as he twisted it side to side.

The thing above him was persistent it's mouth snapping open and shut, Camden felt like he was on a conveyor belt ready to be snapped up and turned into... into one of them. 

His barely had much muscle and whatever muscle he did have was slowly buckling under the hunger this man had for Camden's soft, warm flesh. His face was gaining closer with each damming snap of his jaw.  The stench of blood and decay grew stronger in Camden's eyes and ears. He seemed to be drowning in the stuff, spitting and screaming in fear as he could feel his arms burning his breath grow thinner, his body was on it's last reserves of energy His heart felt like it was about explode out of his ribcage...

Turning wildly to the left, Camden caught a glimpse of something shiny taking no chances and realising it was his last option. He used his left arm to reach for the mystery weapon, it looked like his old kitchen knife However as soon as his left arm was occupied elsewhere, his right arm finally buckled and bent. 

The thing seemed to know to, it's mouth lunging right for Camden's neck Camden's pale fingers meanwhile closed around a hilt of a... knife! 

Using energy and a rage inside him long buried, he swung the knife directly towards the man's head. To Camden's relieved gasp, his handwork had finally been strong enough. The knife pierced the man's hand and with a sickly crack Camden knew he had pierced the man's tough skull his grip on Camden lessened and with another kick Camden pushed himself back to his feet.

The thing below him was gaining it's bearing enraged and full of adrenaline and seeing only red, Camden brought his knife down onto the man's head, well his neck. He wanted to behead this fucking thing. How dare it try and kill him! In his house! He may have been shy, he have suffered abuse sometimes, but killing him in his own apartment!

"I think it's out of order!" Camden bellowed to the hissing black blooded man below him, A sort of numb calm fogging his mind as his arm swished down on the man's neck with no mercy in his movements. He could feel the icy droplets of black blood on his face yet he didn't care He didn't seem to hear anything or see anything until his arms and chest burned with an excruciating pain.

Guess the term "Blind Anger" really did apply to this situation. 

Respiring rapidly with a layer perspiration coating his skin He dropped the knife as his shoulder was throbbing worse than ever he was soaked due to the black blood splashed across his uniform and the sweat on his own body. His vision seemed to sharpen once again as he numbly gazed down at the mess of the corpse sprawled across the recently polished brown tiles in his apartment. 

The headless torso was a grisly sight. But one he could cope with. 

What he couldn't cope with is that under the pools of Black Blood, the detached head was still moving, wriggling itself forward, It's jaws still snapping it's solid white eyes looking at nothing. Yet the slow but steady direction of the head was towards Camden's bloodstained shoe. He could see the trail of blood it left on his floor, and the veins sticking from his neck...

"AH!" Camden exclaimed in pure panic again, an ice block replacing his gut as he jumped backwards. His throat warm, the repulsive sights and smells that rancid reek of the black blooded freaks, finally got to him. He sprayed vomit all over the floor, tears welling and squeezing themselves from his eyes. His throat parched dry.

The scene was made worse because despite being covered in Camden's yellow vomit the head still continued to move forwards.

"JUST FUCKING DIE!" Camden exploded, lifting his shoe and bringing it down on the man's head, He felt the fragile skull crush beneath his foot But that wasn't enough, he kept on stomping the hard fragments of the man's stained black skull digging into the soles of his shoes, The grey-ish chunks of brain wrapping themselves around his ankle His socks were soaked.

He was cold.

Finally it was over, A headless torso with a expanding pool of black blood around it, and a broken china ornament leaking oil, were the only things left of the thing. He was shaking all over, his whole body aching His rage diminishing as quickly as it surfaced, He could only stand there panting in shock due the whole scenario that had just occurred to him.

His brain was popping up with more questions than answers yet Camden had learned one thing, that locking the door against Black Blooded monsters that wanted to bite and kill you was a "to do" on the survival list. With this in mind Camden took a weary step to lock the door this time.

But this was the day of surreal things.

Carl Marshall, his older brother, swept past his open door Camden jaw hit the bottom floor of the high rise flat.

"Cam the Man, how's it going?" he asked causally, plonking himself onto the nearby sofa.His clothes weren't covered in black blood. He had his army gear on.  

Camden made some sort of rasping noise to as why and how his brother had shown up completely unharmed and not so much as flinching at the corpse on the floor, or the fact the city was burning. Finally his brother's identical green eyes found the corpse on the floor.

"So you capped one fucker?" He asked raising a bushy black eyebrow.

Camden nodded silently.

"Impressive, Glad to see you can look after yourself  little bro" He mused lying back onto the sofa. 

Camden simply stood there soaked in a man's guts and blood.

"Hey, Cam, don't just stand there gawking like a Idiot, crack me a beer bro!" 

Despite everything, Camden Marshall cracked his first smile of the day.

"Typical Carl" he thought.  

The End

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