The Survivor's Opening Poem.Mature

A zombie apocalypse has occurred. These Zombies can't move too fast, but any drop of their blood or fluids onto a person (and of course the bite) will infect them within 30 seconds. How can you tell if you're infected (well the zombie thing obviously) and the fact that these zombies ooze black rather than red blood. A number of survivors of the Initial outbreak, try to survive in a barricaded apartment.

The Opening Poem. 

The Black Dead, they said

The effects of these monsters were widespread.

The bleeding, the fatigue, would lead to death.

And it would seem you had breathed your last breath.

But Alas! What horror was this?

Had death gone amiss?

For the dead's eyes so peacefully closed.

Opened again, showing eyes that had decomposed.

And they bled through every bodily hole.

Blood so black, that matched their soul. 

Yet the virus had shown.

The true form of humanity right down to the bone. 

For those that had red blood coursing through their veins.

For those that still had working brains.

Those still alive

Worked to survive. 

But slowly humanity crumbled. 

Their numbers dropped as they became disgruntled. 

Ultimately only the greatest humans would come out of this fray

To Live to see another day.

Many horrific things occurred. 

Humans were horrible, that fact was not unheard. 

Yet through the struggle you are about to see.

There are also positive aspects and glee.

So don't wallow and die, despite the bad things that come by.

Human strength is the most inspiring thing, even when it is time to say nigh. 

Don't leave this story unread.

As you'll inspired by the struggle against the Black Dead.

The End

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