As the boat made its way along the Grecian coastline, the two women sat at the rear  and tried to enjoy the intermittent bursts of sunshine.  Clare was an average-sized woman who was overly critical of her shape, and she loathed the form-fitting wetsuit which encased her body in tight neoprene, despite Ann being the only other passenger.

Ann, her sister-in-law, who was only twenty-six, nearly nine years Clare's junior, but she had the physique of an Olympian: six feet tall, blonde, an athletic, lithe body which she casually flaunted at every possible opportunity.  She currently sat next to Clare and looked up at the passing clouds with her wetsuit unzipped to her waist.  Clare uncomfortably looked away and wrapped her arms around her shoulders.

Ann lifted the shades and gave Clare a disapproving scowl, "Are you cold, love?"

Clare realized she was staring at the little puddle of sea spray which had accumulated in Ann's navel and, embarrassed, she tore her eyes away, "N-no.  I'm fine.  It's just... the waves look a little... intimidating."

Ann craned her neck to give a half-hearted assessment of the surf, then turned back and replaced her sunglasses atop her nose, "Little choppy is all.  No worries.  Wanna check out gear?  I think we must be pretty close."

"Um, sure," Clare looked away again as Ann stood and zipped up.

At that point, the ship's captain poked his head around the corner, "Miss, we will be at the spot in approximately three minutes.  I suggest you two ladies suit up now."

"Thank you, Lupe," Ann beamed, then turned to Clare, "come on, let's get ready."

Clare hoisted the oxygen tanks up to Ann's back and helped Ann adjust the straps.  Ann snugged one at her waist and spoke over her shoulder, "Clare hon, how long have you and my brother been together?"

"Ummmm, six years?  Give or take."

"Wow, that's a long time for Ben to be in a relationship," Ann checked her regulator, "and was it love at first sight?"

Clare blushed but conceded, "Yes, he's wonderful."

Ann cocked an eyebrow over her shoulder, accompanied by a half grin, "Is he?"

Clare wrestled with her own tanks and cast a concerned eye to the horizon, which had darkened farther out to sea, "Oh, certainly.  You may not know this Ann, but my family comes from a considerable amount of money."

Ann's eyes grew with intent, "Oh really?"

"Yes, and Ben took a considerable sum to invest, and he has since quadrupled our nest egg."

Ann smiled as a distant flash of lightning flickered along the dark horizon, "Well, Bennie is a tricky kind of man, isn't he?"

Clare played with her straps, "I suppose."

Ann sidled up next to Clare and playfully bumped her hip with her own, "How many times have you been diving?"

Clare eased away from her sister-in-law, "This'll be my eighth.  But my other seven dives have been with Ben."

"But he's not here."

"No.  We had... a bit of a fight, I'm afraid."

"Well, married couples always have the occasional spat, don't they?"

Clare's eyes became distant as she looked down at the deck and absently chewed on her finger, "Possibly, I've never been married before so I wouldn't know.  You see, we've been having... difficulties of late."

Ann pressed close to Clare and whispered huskily, "Well, money will take care of everything, don't you think?"

Clare tried to again ease away but this time Ann had wrapped her arm around her and held her closer -- uncomfortably so, "I don't know."

"It always does."

The End

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