The Black Coat

"Are you actually listening to me?" Clare was furious as Ben continued to flick through the TV channels with his feet on the table.

"I try not to when you moan all the time!"

"I only asked you to please take your feet off my mother's table."

Ben turned sneered at her and went back to the TV putting both feet firmly on the table.

"Ben, do you love me, or did you marry me for my money?"

The remote stopped. Ben stood up turned the TV off and threw the remote across the table. "Aren't you going diving with Ann this afternoon? Have you checked your gear? I'll check your tanks. Sorry I can't come with you, but there will be other times." He walked past her and put his shoes on.

"Thank you, I was surprised when your sister asked me but…" she turned as the door slammed behind her. "Sod!"

"Ann, don't you think the waves are a bit ferocious looking?"

"We'll be far below them in a while. Climb aboard and zip up!"

The End

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