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I can't say that I'm proud of what I did. Please, don't disagree with me either- I've mulled this over a thousand times in my head. Maybe if I acted differently... 

It was snowing heavily on a sunny afternoon outside my apartment in Edmonton, a million strong city. In now way is that hard to imagine outside my apartment. I lived beside a highway, making sleep impossible for most people. Unlike them, I have a sleeping disorder- hypersomnia. All I have to do is pop in my earbuds to block out the sound and listen to podcasts. When I gotta wake up, my music stops, replaced by a high pitched squel. I designed the program myself- I worked as a software consultant for Google. 

This apartment, in far too many ways, was ideal for me. Even though it was just of the highway, getting to the apartment was damn near impossible. The cities civil engineers must have been high when they designed these streets, none of them connect to the highway and there is only one road leading to my apartment. No other residential was on my block- just old industrial buildings. Yet the apartment was new like the other eleven in my building. Despite being nice, no one wanted to live here. Hard to get to, noisy and few services nearby. Yeah, it was perfect... except I wasn't anti-social. The only reason I wanted this solitude is because I love the thrill that programming gave me. This escalated to a high when Microsoft called me on December twenty-fourth to come in and consult for their software. I signed their forms and took the first flight to Redmond. When I got their, I was greeted by their IT head. He asked if I could look at a script that one of their defective servers was running on. I took a look at it and discovered something... weird. The script was in Chinese, Russian, English and another un-identifiable one. It looked something like this:

начало цикла:

диктовать: (lolololololol)
повторно запустить: (bebebebebebe)

коне ццикла

At the time, I didn't know why they hired a consultant to look at a six bit script on their server. I didn't even care, hell, I had their servers info. All it took was a bit of magic to sync a couple gigglebytes of memory to the phone in my pocket. It took me three hours to do, but, I did it. When I was done, I left Redmond with three gigabytes of text information on their new product, along with some of the companies future plans. 

The End

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