The Birth: Short stories from TempoMature

A series of short stories from my previous work halfblood. they are used as a guide to help people such as myself to understand the story and its history a little better. enjoy!

May the lords that bare you hold you forever in their hearts.

May their enchanting song cause you to sway.

May their bodies give you shelter and solitude.

May their war cries fill you and your blade with moral.

May their presence bring peace to your soul.

May the divinities that live in heaven and the descendants that walk the earth give you inner strength and awesome power.

And may the mortals that walk with you gain your courage, for you are a god, and where you tread, we will follow.

Here it lies! The soul sealing vow of the godly servants, engraved into this ancient slab of rock. You walk by it when you fetch your vase of water on your way to the markets, no? Eons old, old to the point of which the first gods were born, to when the first descendants walked like the titans they were on the delicate earth. Old to when the mortals of the world first gave their souls to the godly beings and their giant fathers to save themselves from the deities that wish them to be eradicated.

Why do you give me that look? This is the old faith, the original and only truth. No… it is not just a story, not just a tale that you were told when you were still suckling on your little thumb. The reason we are still walking, still breathing the precious air that we take for granted, is because of the sacrifices made by the great descendants and their children, the holy gods that lead us.

What’s that? You say that the today gods think it is a story too? Phtu! The gods that lead us today are just in denial. Because if they continue to believe the truth, they would be thought of as mad, mad as heckling hyenas! Ah but there is a small few who still value the old faith, because they were the first gods born on this earth! Ah young one, you gave me that look again! Don’t believe me? HA! I take you with me, let me show you. Don’t worry, I will carry that clay pot of water for you, your hands must be creaking from repetition, no? It is not so far, come, come now; time is of the essence my young one!

 There! See? Right there! Right through that deep blue velvet curtain! You see that female reading that snake hide book? Ah… the hair of flowing red is instantly recognizable, yes? We witness before us the Heroine of the Ancient war I told you about; Ehs, the first Goddess ever born. She still respects the faith, the original truth; after all, she was the one who created the order of the godly servants, and fought alongside the titanic descendants all those years ago. She is the last of a dying breed of people who refuse to give up their faith. And why should they? Just for more Drachmae in their pocket, yes? To impress a high monarchy from the new world? What a price that must be paid for something so precious. Ehs has lived since the very beginning, it’s so surprising that she has lasted for so long… and with no children or husband of her own. She has lived for eternity, yet she still looks so young and beautiful. Her eyes still as golden as they were when the descendants bore her. Still as golden when she raised her blade In a war cry. That’s the pleasures of immortality, no?

What’s this? A man has invited his self into her private quarters. Hmmm… he’s a human. By the looks of his thick leather tunic and boots I can only assume that he is a soldier of some kind. Heh, they are corrupted too, no? I can tell from your eyes that we both agree that these drunkards abuse their power and behave like little pricks to us citizens. They’re talking… I would very much like to hear, let us move a little bit closer young one in the hopes for a little insight, yes?

“My, my, Ehs. You must be as dry as a fucking desert for the eternity you’ve had no mate.”

Ah! Cover your ears my young one! This man is a rather rude little prick!

She gave the man an evil glare back, disgusted by the man’s use of vocabulary.” How dare you, human. My creators gave their lives to give you solitude; I would expect some form of the utmost respect, as I give you.”

He just chuckled madly “Respect? Don’t make me laugh.” His laugh turned into a snarl “The gods are ignoring our pleas, pushing us aside like we are inferior. You are different. You haven’t abandoned us or your faith in your fathers and mothers. Why don’t you join them? They already see you as an obstacle to overcome so the world can be their oyster. When you’re out of their way, they can start anew, and bring the new world to Tempo and betray their creators.”

The anger began to swell in her throat “Don’t speak such filth!”

“You know it to be true. You cannot deny it.”

She had had enough, trying her best to stand her ground. “Hisma, would you please escort this mortal to the door.”

The auburn haired servant walked up to the man with a loyal expression. The man lifted his hand out in denial, and the servant stopped in his tracks.

My goddess! I did not notice that man before, he was so quiet.

“Save your breath, I’m done talking to this bitch anyway.”

He left as quickly as he had come; walking calmly through the door he once entered, his face growing a smirk. As the curtain fell behind him, Ehs collapsed loosely on the nearest velvet chair, her head and long red hair falling into her cupped hands.

“Don’t let his thoughts cloud you own, M’lady.”

Lifting her head up to face Hisma’s gaze, she shook her head to and fro, clearly letting the soldier’s thoughts concern her. Her eyes began to well up every so slightly, trying to hide it, but it was apparent, and Hisma could read her like a book.

“He’s right Hisma… he absolutely accurate… I’m just in denial.”

Well, that’s my curiosity satisfied. Poor Ehs, she deserves more than we can offer her, no? she is struggling in a changing world. But it’s the youth like you who have the power to keep this faith alive! It is not just a story, but the truth. Remember that young one.

Whats that? You’re not convinced? But you have just heard the words straight from the goddesses mouth, and a beautiful one at that! Humph! I will have to tell you more another time, yes?  

Oh I’m dreadfully sorry; I seemed to have spilled your water… well, got get some more. Go do what you do best young one! Repetition, no? Your giving me that look again…


The End

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