The Yeti Encounter

I was looking at gigantic metal bird a.k.a aeroplane. I had never actually seen a air-plane, though I had seen it in some T.V shows.

I always thought it was practically impossible to lift such a heavy machine, but I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw one of them race off into the sky! I was waiting for it to come crashing down, but it didn't, so I figured out humans were really smart and had found a way to keep that thing in the air.

I couldn't wait to sit on one! I had never flown in my short and miserable life, but now the excitement itself made me go crazy.

Another family had also won the lottery. But instead of going to Nepal, they had got a offer of going to Miami, and they had gratefully taken it.

My dad was furious about it, but when I told him all about him all about Himalayas and Ski-ing. His anger eventually cooled down.

We were waiting at Gate no. 23, as a crackling voice announced that our plane was ready to take off.

We made our way through the gate and got onto a battery-powered coach.

The coach then guided us through a Labyrinth of Air-planes, Oil tanks, Trucks and various other vehicles which I knew nothing about.

It was new but absurd experience.

We finally stopped near a air-plane. A enormous  tanker was supplying the massive machine with fuel.

One thing I had been curious about was how were we going to get on the plane? The doors of the plane were way of the ground.

I noticed that a staircase had been set-up, which led to the entrance of the air-plane. Dumb Dumb!

I made his way to the staircase where a elderly man stood clad in white and blue.

He took my ticket, and tore a rectangular part out of it.

I made my way on the staircase and entered the open door.

What I saw inside was breath-taking.

When I entered the plane, i was greeted with "Welcomes" from the air-stewards, but I couldn't reply, because the words choked in my throat.

In front me lay, what looked like hundreds of seats. There were three throws, one on each side and one in the middle.

The middle had three seats and the side row had two seats.

They continued till the end of the plane, but till my eyes could reach, I couldn't even see the end!

Oh man, I thought, this is going to be fun!

We seated ourselves in our respected seats. I was looking around, observing and registering random memories. When an another crackling voice welcomed us and told us about the duration of our journey.

After the formalities were done, the plane, as if on fire, gave a jerk, and went hurtling ahead.

I held on to the seat, refusing to believe that the seat-belt would do the work.

Then as If the plane had sprouted wings, it began to entire the domain of clouds.

My ears popped and I felt swig of a pain, but I ignored it, I was way too much intrested in seeing my hometown pass by

I thought I could make out the outline of my house, clambered with sevreal other buildings.

I kept staring at microscopic cars and miniature people until the clouds took over, and I could see nothing but endless whiteness.


I spend most of the journey reading about Nepal and it's population. Then I shifted my focus to The Himalayas.

I had read about Mount Everest, and the other peaks surrounding it.

I kept reading the mammoth book until I came to a very exciting section

This section read out "Mysterious Creature of The Himalayas"

The section disclosed all information on a mysterious ape-like beast known as "Yeti". It told us the Yeti had been spotted by many climbers.

According to them it was a shy beast and walked on two's.

But it's existence was yet un-confirmed.

The sections also said that simliar beasts had been discovered in Australia, Japan, North America etc.

But there was nothing to be scared of rite? Because its existence was un-cofirmed.

But that was when I looked out of the window and saw a black animal on its two's waving at the me.









The End

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