The Bigfoot Notebook

When Henry wins a trip to the himalayas he is about to uncover the mystery to the unconfirmed existence of ape-like cryptids.
Yesti and bigfoot


It was the last day of school and I was packing up. My locker, unlike any other in the entire school was overloaded with books, to-do's, notes and stationery. I wasn’t saying I was the only nerd around, but the closest I ever went to being a dude, was when I tried out for my soccer team, resulting in unbearable consequences. If I were you, I wouldn’t want to know them. Anyway the overload gave me nothing but  extra-cleaning time and a bag full of books which I didn’t know about,  and lots of sore shoulders. As I carried my stuff around the corner I heard the hot-shot Michael, describe his perfect summer.

"This summer I am hitting Vegas. Las Vegas, boys, Las Vegas! Ever heard the name?. Gambling capital of the world. Huge rooms, 24/7 room service, Bathrooms as spacious your front lawn, T.V's big as a French window,  Stretch limos,  never-ending roller coasters . What else could a teen want?" Said Michael.

I wasn’t surprised. Michael was a rich, spoilt boy. He was the captain of the basketball time and leaded the grades every time, his only problem was that he was too proud about it. He was my only competition . But I doubted that he was even aware of my existence.


As for me, I always knew what was in store for summer. Home, books, soda and Television. I never went anywhere for summer and unluckily these boys were fully aware about that. I tried taking the other route out, but that was clogged by soccer players, who still did as much as they could to bring back old nasty memories. So I decided to risk it. I pretended as if I was reading a newsletter and hadn't noticed the dudes, I got past on of them, luckily only with a sneer,  the second one just gave a shove, I walked pretending as if I had tripped over my own foot and cursed under my breath. This was getting worse, so I decided it would be the best to shut up and continue this piece of drama. I kept walking, and just when I thought it was safe to face up, I felt the a figure looming overhead. I very well knew who it was. But I continued my pace, I expected Michael would  step aside but as I drew nearer to him, his strong voice boomed at me


"Well, look who's here! It's the great King Henry himself! Ahh….you seemed to have loaded bricks in your backpack. Anyways where are you going for summer? Oh! That's a trick question, how can Henry Bolt go anywhere for summer! Its breaking the law!"


A few of his cronies snickered and gave me a hard shove, I lost my balance and tumbled on the floor, all my stuff scattered on the ground.  I got up pulled my self and stuff together and headed for the exit , pretending as if nothing had happened.


 Pretending was one thing which I could do aside math and science. I could pretend I was a cool surfer, riding on the waves and enjoying the sun and sea or on the other hand I could pretend I was King Arthur sitting at the round table and planning a war against a neighboring country. I know, I know pretending is for losers. But, hey! When did I start becoming a winner?


Anyway, the walk home was usual, the constant laughter of teens, the murmurs and giggles of the girls and the same old stares of old crooked men. I was used to this environment. I reached home and gave a thud on the door. The house bell was so loud, that it shook the entire house to its very foundations. And it was to expensive to replace. So a thud would do it. The door creaked open and I was engulfed in a hug. This was unusual.  I never got hugged. Well sometimes, when it was Christmas and I refused to take a gift from Santa Claus. Mom would shout "Oh! My Henry has become a man" and give me a long neck-breaking hug. Weird I know. But I was anything but normal. i broke the hug and found myself staring at my mother.

 "Mom, whatsup? What was that hug for" I said sheepily.


"This time it aren't Santa Claus, do you remember that lottery? The free trip to Himalayas one?"


I nodded


"Well, let's just say you have place to go this summer"


 I was petrified for a second. We had won a lottery? WE! Now that was a miracle.


I gave my mom another huge hug and ran upstairs to my room. I was going to Nepal! To the Himalayas!


Now, I had something to talk about. Maybe it wasn't Las Vegas, but hey it was better than nothing!


I didn’t realize at that moment, how wrong I was.


The End

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