IMMEDIATELY..... "Come on Cedric! We'll be late!" "ok Moony" replied Cedric. "Cedric, the attendants asking you something." Cedric clearly isn't listening. The attendant asked you if you wanted drinks on the flight."Oh, a Pepsi and you'll have?" "I'll have Fanta thanks." "ok" rewp,odd the attendant. "Mr menace, please board the plane." I felt weird as soon as I boarded the plane. The air smelled polluted but the plane looked 100% clean. "Oh, hi Zeke!" cried a girly voice. "Gemma Millers? Bella Tsinker?" I asked. "hey Zeke the Menace!" laughed Bella. "Misses? May I ask you to follow me?"asked a staff member. "Ok. See-ya later Zeke." said Gemma. Gemma walked away. "do you like Gemma?" asked Cedric. "sort of my friend Glassy." "ooh.... Zeke and Gemma sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" chanted Cedric. "She's nice." "oh really?" "Yeah, we're just friends." Cedric laughed the whole way to Israel. "Storm ahead. All passengers remain seated." cried the attendants voice."RRRRRRR" the storm rumbled. Crack! "what cracked?" I asked. "The ship, I think." answered Cedric. Crack! The plane broke in half! "jump off!" screamed the staff. It's now or never. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the wind blew in my face. "Ya forgot ya parachute!" alarmed Cedric. "uh, Ced?" I asked. SPLAT! I fell face first on the ground. Ouch. It's lucky I'm still alive. Then suddenly........ Want to hear the next part? It will be revealed soon. Can you please comment on this story?
The End

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