The Big Interview

Fictional interviews ...

So, here we are on this lovely sunny St Patrick's Day. We've got a whole host of brilliant interviews lined up for you today, and we're going to start with a good friend of mine ... Spook.

So, Spook, would you like to tell your readers how you met me?
That's an easy one! I didn't have a clue who Del was until I joined Protagonize; she'd been there almost a month already. I think we met through the Protagonize Bus, but I could be mistaken there ....

Oh, right! I know that a lot of people met through the Bus or the Hideout - you've contributed in both, am I right?
Yes, you're right about that!

Okay then. So, why are you never online before six o'clock?
Oh, that's because of my stupid school. Protagonize is blocked and it doesn't unblock until 6, so I have to wait.

Why are you still at school so late? Don't you just go home?
No, I go to a boarding school ... my dad's in the army, and we move house a lot. I got fed up of changing schools, so ended up in this place.

Boarding school? Ugh, I couldn't stand that. So, whereabouts are you from?
Oh, my school's in a little place in England that nobody's heard of. I've also lived in Australia, Canada, Germany ...

Sounds cool! Well, we have to leave it there for now, but we'll be back with more interviews after the break!

The End

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