Lucy's birthday

Hi guys ready for Chapter 2 good. So you all know now Lucy's Big Dark Secret it isn't even that much of a secret anymore Idon't know why she his it for sooooo long. Anyway so bassically her "boyfriend" is her brother big shocker right. Today at school all the sixth formers are going to go and see a Glee the BIG PREMIRE whats so special about it anyway. When I said that all the sixith formers said " its because the actor who plays Finn in glee was going to give lucy a shoutout because it was her birthday. Wow its her birthday big deal. Have fun! Back to the story when the sixth formers got back from the big glee premire Lucy kinda had a heart attack and had to be rudhed to hosipatal immdeatly which is werid because it dosen't happen usally when Lucy gets back from a premire. Tune in soon for chapter 3 ooooo its going to be good.............

The End

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