The Big Dark Secret

One day there was a girl called Lucy. Lucy wasn't just a normal tennage girl that people would understand she had a dark secret, but nobody new what it was apart from her family, of course. Lucy had a boyfriend who didn't know anything about this which i think is strange, now wait a minute were am i going with this, Oh yeah. The next day Lucy spilled to her "boyfriend" everything about her. Now bassically her "boyfriend" isn't her "boyfriend" he's a friend that happens to be a boy and there just really close. Anyway back to the story so when Lucy told her  The Big Dark Secret he freaked out a little bit. When I say a litle bit he sort of through up.Disgusting right. So after Lucy comforted him he bassically spread it round the whole school, gosh big gob on him! Anyway when everybody found out everybody through up the whole school smelt like lunch i.e. Chicken Casserole. So your all probaly wondering what the Big Dark Secret was well it was just a sickness bug. Strange right. Tune in for Next Chapter later.

The End

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