The Bicycle

The story of boy who's dream it is to own The Bicycle.

There once was a bicycle who was loved by the entire town. Though no one could afford such a great bike, there were stories told over and over about it. Parents at night used it to have their children work harder in school. They say to their child, "If you work hard in school you one day can afford it." A little boy who was named Zach who came from a very poor family, he wanted a bike and didn't care in what condition it was in. He worked hard every day in school and studied everyday and made A's. As time time went on his family started to do better in their careers as the economy became better. Zach later was praised and received a bike and rode it everyday and passed the bike shop that held the very talked about bike. He wished for the bike but knew his family could never afford it. As he rode back home he saw a boy sitting on the curb, bored, alone. He looked at the boy and asked what was wrong. He looked up and says to him he's wanted a bike ever since he heard of the Bicycle. Zach thought for a moment and got off the bike and handed it to the little boy, making him happy as he could be. Zach walked home empty handed, with a bike out of sight. He entered his house and layed on his bed, saddened and happy. The next morning his parents say to his there is a surprise in the garage for him. Zach thought of nothing and walked to the garage to see the bike he had saw at the shop. It had a tag on it with a small note attached. It read, "To: Zach From: Bicycle" He pondered for a moment before opening the letter. It read, "Dear Zach, I heard you gave away a bike you worked very hard to receive. Everyone in this town will speak many good things about you. I am priced very expensively for the sole purpose of teaching a lesson. No amount of money can give what a gift of love and charity can. So I bestow you me as your gift of generosity. Enjoy. Sincerely, Your new friend." Zach looked at the bike and held it dearly. He knew he couldn't wait to tell his parents, but he could wait. For this was a once in a lifetime moment.

The End

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