Chapter 3

“Can you sense her?” Baylee asks Alisa.

“Nope, nothing.” Alisa replies.

Baylee scowls, and continues to pace in circles around their old, abandoned cabin. They had found it as kids and have continued to use it after death.

      “How can we find her?” Baylee wonders aloud.

      Alisa stands up from where she sat on the blue, torn couch, and puts her hand on Baylee’s shoulder. “We’ll find her. We have to.”

      “I know, I’m just so worried about her. Where could she be?” Baylee sighs.

      “It will all be ok.” Alisa says.

      “I sure hope so.” Baylee replies.

      Just then, the front door slams open, and a man in black clothes and a cape tied around his neck barges in. The ski mask he wears on his head makes it impossible to tell who he is.

      Baylee grabs Alisa’s hand, and they step back, slowly and carefully.

      “I have your sister.” The man says, in a deep, robotic voice.

      Baylee and Alisa stare at each other in horror. The robot-man clenches his fists, and prepares for battle.

      ‘The man must be a ghost, or some kind of demon, since he can see us.’ Baylee projects the thought into Alisa’s mind.

      ‘Oh. Great. What should we do?’ Alisa replies.

      ‘Well, he’s about to attack, so maybe we should fight back..? Unless, of course, you want to die…again!’ Baylee says sarcastically.

      ‘Ok, for Jen.’ Alisa nods her head. Which, unfortunately, the robo-man sees, and chooses that exact moment to attack.


“Jen?” I hear my name being called.

      “Ungh-“ I reply.

      “Jen, you have to get up! All of our afterlives depend on it.” I hear the urgency in the voice, which I soon recognize as Baylee’s.

      I open my eyes, and sit up.

The End

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