Chapter 2

Baylee opens her mouth to reply, but I interrupt, “Hold that thought.”

I turn to the girls, ”I am here to help. That's all you need to know.”

The looks on their faces soften, and I realize that the mean-girl thing was just an act. A blond girl in the back sighs, “We can't be helped. Please, for your own good, leave!”

“I can't not help you. Please, if you know of any way that I can help, please, just say so.” Desperation shows in my voice.

“The only way is to get rid of Headmistress Gordon.” The blond one says.

“So, you cant leave here until she's gone?” I ask, frustrated.

The girls nod their heads.

“Wait, are you stick here, like you cant leave?” I rephrase the question.

“We can leave, but she always finds us, and hurts us.” she answers.

“Oh,” I gasp.

As much as I want to help the girls, I dont want to risk getting them hurt.

“We'll find a way to help you. Promise, stay here. Be safe” I instruct.

They nod.

I don’t look at Baylee or Alisa, just close my eyes and picture the park, the only place, even in death, that I can concentrate.

I see the tall trees, the lush, green grass, the flowers, benches, feel the cool, clean air, the gentle wind blowing my hair all around my face. When I open my eyes, the scene hasn’t changed.

Slowly, I sit down on the wooden bench and sigh. I knew my new friends were too good to be true from the start. They don’t care about me, they just want what they think I am.

In front of me, two figures fade in. It’s them. They run up to me and sit next to me on the bench. I don’t want them to sit next to me.

“What?” I ask, not showing the betrayal I feel.

“Its not what you think!” Baylee cries.

“Really? What am I thinking, then?” I fume.

“Were not who you think we are.” Alisa says.

“I kinda figured” I say.

“No, we-you, me, and Baylee- are special.” Alisa tries again, rewording the same statement.

“Yeah, we’re dead..?” I say, uncertainly.

“No, there’s more.” Baylee says, “We are more than ghosts.”

“Baylee and I, we’ve been waiting for you.” Alisa tells me.

I look up at the darkening sky, the stars shining brighter than the moon, and say, “Look, I don’t have time for this right now. I have to get to my house, get through to my parents.”

I don’t even wait for them to answer. I close my eyes, picture my small, comfy house, and I’m there, in the living room, right next to the tv.

Mom and Dad are sitting on the couch, and Jamie is pacing in front of them, waiting for the doorbell to ring. I step toward her, and hold her hand to calm her down.

She senses me, but doesn’t get startled. She just looks up at me lovingly. But, she quickly looks back, not wanting to draw attention- from our parents- to herself. I pull back, giving her space.

I feel someone coming, so I turn around. Nothing. I wait for a second, then the doorbell rings. Jamie runs to the door, and pulls it open. Mom and Dad walk up behind her.

“Is this the Lew residence?” The chubby, darker skinned man with a toolbox in his hands says.

“Yes, please, come in, but you are a bit early, its only 6:50.” Mom gestures for him to enter.

Jamie steps back to make room for him, flustered, and almost trips over the potted plant. The man walks in, and takes her hand.

“This must be hard on yeh, honey, but I assure yeh everything is fine. This is all safe.” He says in a thick southern accent, and leads her to the couch. Mom and Dad follow, and sit next to Jamie. The man stands.

“So, what’s the plan?” Mom asks, she’s calmed down quite a bit since they called in the ghost hunting team. Ooh ghost hunting, almost sounds like I’m some kinda food. (0.o)—That’s the face I’m making. But since nobody can see it, I stop.

“My team and I will set up our equipment and try to draw out any spirits to determine whether or not it is a danger to your family.” He answers.

Mom winces at the idea, but Jamie stays calm, I can feel it. She knows it’s me. The confidence I see in her eyes makes me wonder if she still remembers that promise I’d made all that time ago.

“Ok, when do you start?” Dad asks, trying to be brave for Mom and Jamie.

“As soon as you guys leave. We can’t be having any contamination in the evidence.”

Jamie’s eyes widen and she opens her mouth to protest, but Dad unknowingly interrupts her, “I don’t know that I am comfortable with leaving a group of strangers in my home.”

“Mr. Lew, I can understand why you feel that way, but you called us to help. Ask anyone, we have a great reputation.” He reassures him.

“Ok, but we don’t even know your name!” Dad exclaims, defeated.

“Oh, how rude of me, I always forget that part. I’m Jorge, and my crew of investigators are Krissie, Dave, and Paul.” He extends his hand out to my dad, and they shake on it, so the deal is done.

“Ok, feel free to set up wherever you need to. We'll leave whenever you're ready.” Dad says.

Jamie is getting frustrated. She tries again to speak up, but is interrupted by Jorge. “You don't have to leave yet. I'll just get my crew in here and we'll set up. We don't start till sundown, so since its 7:00, we probably have until 8:00 until we should start. “

Oh, an hour. I decide not to stay here, and instead to go to the Winchester House to see what Baylee and Alisa meant by 'special'.

I've just closed my eyes when Jamie gets a chance to speak, “Wait!” My eyes shot open, “I want to be here when you investigate.”

Mom and Dad gasp, almost in unison. Dad starts to protest, but Jorge puts his hand up, “It could be too dangerous, you might get hurt”

“One- don't talk to me like I'm a baby. Two- my sister would never hurt me.” Jamie argued.

 Mom and Dad still don’t look convinced, but Jorge sighs and says, “You really think it’s your sister?”

Jamie nods eagerly.

“Be careful, quiet, and cautious. You can come if your parents agree to it.” Jorge gives in.

Eyes lit up, she looks pleadingly at our parents.

“Will she be safe?” Mom asks.

Jorge nods his head, “There are four of us to protect  her. She’ll be fine.

Dad thinks for a minute. “Fine, she can stay.”

Jamie shrieks and hugs Dad, saying, “thank you, thank you, thank you!” 

Dad smiles, nothing more to say.

“Alright, then, I’ll just go out to the van and we’ll set up. First, is there anywhere in particular that the activity occurs most?” Jorge asks.

      “No,” Dad answers, “the activity is everywhere.”

      “Hm…” Jorge taps his chin, “This will be difficult.”

      “Here, how about I tell you when, when, and where, everything happens?” Mom offers.

      “That would be lovely.” Jorge says.

      I already know exactly what happened, so I decide to check out the team. I close my eyes, see my front yard, concentrate, and I’m there.

      The van is plain silver, with no windows, well, except for the windshield. The back door is open, so I walk over and peek inside.

      There are a few monitors, turned off, and wires everywhere. On the wall, the ceiling, the floor! Two girls sit in the back, typing something on a laptop. A man kneels toward the front, trying to untangle a bunch of wires. Paul. That’s his name.

      He's kind of attractive, probably seventeen or eighteen years old. His beautiful blond hair falls into his blue eyes. I walk over to him and rest my hand on the top of his lush head of hair. He kind of looks up, but then goes back to his work.

      The first girl, named raven, working on the computer, has black hair with blue streaks. Her brown eyes tell me that she thinks that she is ordinary and is just begging for attention. She looks to be about a senior in college. She has a permanent frown on her face and plenty of tattoos. Her long fingernails are painted black.

      Feeling sorry for her, i float over to her and whisper in her ear, “you are beautiful”.

      All of a sudden, she smiles. I feel like I've done my good deed for the day, so I look at the other girl.

      She is named Nicole, her brown hair with some blond highlights covers her bright blue eyes. She seems about 18 years old. She's smiling and has bright colors on. I get the feeling that she has had a sad past, but I don't know what exactly happened to her.

      I guess I have to get better control of my power. I know, it sounds insane, but I have to admit it sometime, and hey, I am a ghost!

      I conclude that I should go to The W-House, to see what they had to say. I'm still mad at them. We've been friends for about a month out of forever and now they choose to tell me this? I suppose I'm being irrational, but, hey, it's a lot to take in.

      I look up at the clock on the computer in the van. It says 5:30. I have about two hours before it starts to get dark. I picture the W-House and soon enough, I'm there.

      I open my eyes, and look around. A bunch of ghosts, talking, laughing, playing, all around and inside the house, but I don’t see my friends. I sigh and decide to go to the abandoned school, thinking that maybe they are looking for me there.

      I close my eyes and see the school. I open my eyes, and I’m there. But, I unhappily realize, I’m alone. I groan. Behind me, I hear twigs snap, and leaves crack. I slowly turn around, and before I have a chance to scream, I feel a sharp pain in my arm and pass out.



The End

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