getting out of maths and earning my Atomic white belt adventureMature

The next day, I was at school in Maths, when my watch bracelet went off. I used the round metal thing to turn the volume down. “Atomic Grace, Admiral Degil needs us!” Atomic Betty whispered. I asked Blessing to distract Miss Bennett as as I opened the portals (Invisible to everyone else in the room) and transported to my room and then to GGHQ.(Galactic Guardian Head Quarters-Earth base). Degil told us that his clone Degilla was still on the loose and that we should keep a lookout for him. Then Degil wished us good luck as we ran through the flashtube portal and ended up outside. Atomic Betty and KP decided to star looking for him in Moose jaw heights and Middleton while I started looking in the real world just in case he escaped there. We went up to the ship and found Degilla's blue ship. He was trying to send Degil straight to the sun in a ship! X-5 saved Degil and followed him as he sent Degil back to his office. Atomic Betty arrested Degilla and Sparky took him back to HQ. Atomic Betty went back to HQ as well. I managed to stop the ship Degil had been in from crashing into the sun and went back to HQ. At first everyone thought I died but once I arrived with a sharp bumpy landing, Degil awarded me with the same white belt Atomic Betty wears for showing such amazing bravery.

The End

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