sleepover adventureMature

The next day, I called Kim and Betty to sleepover in my room. If mummy came in, They would cloak themselves to turn invisible. Admiral Degil called us and we went down the flashtubes again. Degil told us that Maximus, Minimus, Infantor, Drakken and Shego had teamed up. Infantor made a Infantor rules 2 game, Maximus made a chameleon ray and Wade told us that Drakken made an Invisible ray. Together that made an Invisible, chameleon Infantor rules 2 game.

We had to play the game and finish it so we could arrest Infantor. Atomic Betty used her pink pole, laser and shield on the baddies behind us. On the second level, Sonic appeared and helped us get to the door really fast. But he had to stay in the game because he was part of it. Infantor announced that there were 5 levels to complete in level 3. We all groaned. In level 4, Sonic, Manic and Sonia appeared and distracted Infantor while we escaped to door and went to the last level. On the last level we faced a giant Termi-Nanny. I tied it up with rope, Atomic Betty kicked it down and the others (X-5, Sparky and Kim) sat on it to keep it down. Then Infantor moaned that we had finished his second game. We headed towards the exit and ran through a flash of blue light instead. We ended up in Drakken's lair. We helped Kim fight Shego by taking it in turns and turned her invisible. Then we tied them both up and put them beside Kim's old school. We went through the light again and ended up in Maximus' lair this time. We turned his chameleon ray towards him and Minimus and made them blend in. Atomic Betty used her pink fan to blow them to the wall and handcuffed them. After we defeated the blood monks, we beamed back to the ship, went home and beamed back into my room. We quietly said goodnight to each other and hopped into bed.

The End

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