Getting my Galactic guardian outfit adventureMature

I woke up in my bed and called Kim on my version of her watch. Then we both headed into Betty's portal. We found Betty hanging out with Regeena and Chaz. I told them to go 'play' with Penelope.

Then we went down the flashtubes and we transformed. Atomic Betty into her usual pink outfit with the atomic belt, Kim into her white and blue battle suit and me into half a white and purple striped battle suite and half a purple dress like Atomic Betty's with the belt. We landed in Degil's Office.

He briefed us by telling us not much. He told us that Maximus- a Persian cat alien- and Minimus- a ugly two headed yellow and back alien- were up to no good again. X-5 thought that they would try to hypnotize them and something to do with love. We went back outside and beamed up to the ship (after having no choice but to bring Cadet Noah along) to think up a plan. Then we somehow thought the same plan-Music. We used music to stop Maximus. (by singing Atomic Betty's theme tune and KP's theme tune as well.) Then we went back to my room and went shopping in the Moose jaw heights mall and Middleton mall- Club Banana. Once we had finished shopping,(we were in our normal clothes now) We headed over to Betty's house and introduced ourselves to her mum and Dad. I got to stroke Purrsey even though I knew he was mischief. Then we went to Kim's house and met Kim's mum and dad. Then Jim and Tim came in with robot rockets flying in the air.

Kim scowled at the Tweebs (Jim and Tim) and we headed back to my room.

As Kim and Atomic Betty Returned to their worlds using the portals, I said goodbye to them and closed the portals as they left.

The End

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