The Between reality AdventuresMature

It's about me meeting Atomic betty and Kim and having adventure together because of the portals!

  Prologue- A girl will open two blue portals to two cartoon worlds. She'll have adventures, she'll never forget. She will recound them by writing them down. She is speical and has a hint of magic when she speaks.

Chapter one: finding the portals adventure

I had just come back from school and was in my room, when I thought of Kim Possible and Atomic Betty, my two heroes and TV shows. Then for no reason I thought of the W.i.t.c.h's Portals and said “Portals” out loud.  Then suddenly two swirly blue portals appeared. One near my poster wall(it had KP on there and AB was on my door) by the door and the other near the window. I walked into the first one and found myself in Middleton, Kim's world.
I then realised that my hands were like Kim's and not how they normal were.(real) Wade had done research on me and told Kim that  I was her biggest fan and that she would find me in England. By then I was back in reality because I had walked back out of the portal. Then I went into the other portal which led me to moose jaw heights-Atomic Betty's world.
This time I had hands like Betty's. I think I might have spotted spoilt brat Penelope-black hair, white skin, brown eyes with blue eye shadow wearing a green top and a grey-black skirt- and threw cold water over her and ran back through the portal. Admiral Degil informed Atomic Betty about me and told her to find me and let me join the Galactic guardians.
So both Kim and Atomic Betty somehow located their portal to my world, then eventually ended up in my room.
We used Kim's cool purple car to stop Drakken and Shego from turning everyone into animals. Then we transported(or beamed )up into Betty's starcruiser.  Once we were there, I hugged Sparky and x-5. We found Maximus' HQ and stopped him from shooting lasers at Earth with holograms of me, Betty and Kim!
Thanks to Kim's stink formula,Maximus went away. We beamed back into my room, then took photos of the whole gang (including the villains!), then one last photo of just me,Kim and Betty. We said Goodbye and Maximus vowed he would get Me, Atomic Betty and Kim, Drakken vowed that too but with Kim first, then me, then Betty as well as “You think you're all that but you're not!” line.
I closed the Voice-actived portals and went downstairs. Mummy and Daddy sort of wondered where I was and D not bothered a bit. I told them I had been in my room doing stuff.'wink'

The End

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