Robin's kisses had a side effect. A list of them, in fact: drowsiness, nausea, irregular appetite, sudden loss of consciousness, and sleep apnoea. Seems she had taken something called a 'lifetime pill' as part of an experimental drug test by a local pharmaceutical laboratory. A sleep aid.

The lifetime pill, the doctor explained to me, is a permanent chemical augment. You never need to take another pill so long as you live. It alters the chemicals your glands produce to mimic the chemicals needed for whatever medication it is you require. Downside is every square inch of your body and drop of your bodily fluid is filled with the medication forever afterward. Can turn a kiss into a mild tranquillizer if you’re not taking the counteraction medication.

Heading home one night, I fell asleep at the wheel. Crashed my car. Got the above diagnosis when I woke up in the hospital.

I made sure to sleep off Robin's kisses after the accident. Poison's worth the meal sometimes.

The End

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