The Best Story to Ever Grace the Internet With It's Presence

The world is threatened by the evil talking flying raptors and our heroes must save the it from being engulfed in darkness and destruction. Using the power lent to them by the Almighty Double Rainbow, they must ride their unicorns, following the path of the Great Pancake Mix, towards the raptors' lair. Will they save the world or will they die trying?

Alyson was the manliest man to ever live. He was, in fact, so manly that no one dared to ever question his manliness. Every morning, Alyson woke up and took a man shower. In that man shower, he would insure his manliness by dumping buckets upon buckets of Old Spice all over his manly body. This manly morning was no exception.

After drying his incredibly manly hair, Alyson put on manly clothes and then shoved on his manly shoes. After tying his manly shoelaces, he walked out of his manly home. Once outside, Alyson was blinded by something even manlier than he was.

The Almighty(and very manly) Double Rainbow.

The manly man took off at a sprint towards one of the four ends of the Almighty(and manly) Double Rainbow at once in order to obtain it's manly gold before any non-man could.

The End

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