Not What You Expected

Chapter 5:

            It's not like I meant to comment on our dads and when we would ever see them again, this chick is just so frustrating that it slipped. Now with the music blasting she has no chance in hell to comment, but I can still sense her eyes burning through my head. 

            At the entrance to the gates I introduce Kris to Lou, who's munching on one of those sprinkled doughnuts. We jump out of the car for a minute so that he can memorize her face since she'll be living in the gates from now on. I'm surprised to see her smile at the man before introducing herself. She'd be pretty hot if she wasn't such a b***h. Her blond hair and blue eyes scream California, but her pale complexion shows a lack of sunlight. Her tiny waist is accentuated by the tightness of her tank top and her small shorts. She's almost as hot as Nicky. 

            "It was nice meeting you dear," Joe says in his soft whisper of a voice. "I will remember you every time." 

            I cringe as he winks at her and she softly giggles. Who is this chick and when did she switch places with Kris? "Good, I'll be seeing you around Lou!" she promises before jumping back into the Cadillac. 

            "Gabe," Lou gestures to me before I get back in the car. I go over and he smiles through sprinkled lips. "Watch out for that one, she's fire."

            "Don't have to tell me that," I say in a serious tone before jumping back into the car. 

            Mom and Lisa are already home when we drive through the security gates to the house. I park my car right behind mom's Mercedes, intending to leave as soon as possible after dropping off the brat. Minutes after she's pulled out her suitcases, Kris stiffens and watches someone behind me. I turn and see Lisa, all smiles, trekking her way towards us. 

            "Hey sweetie, how was it?" She winks at me and places a hand on one of Kris's slender arms. She frowns slightly when Kris shrugs off her hand. "I'll help you with your things and show you your bedroom!" 

            "It's fine mom," Kris looks at me and the intensity in her blue eyes almost makes me flinch. "I handled everything once before today already; I can handle it all once more." 

            Her mom looks from her to me and back again and a slow blush creeps onto my cheeks, making my face burn. From somewhere behind me, the front door of the house closes loudly as my mom races towards us. 

            "You're back!" Seriously, I love that my mom is happy, but can't she see how awkward this is? "Gabe, why don't we give these two a tour? I've been waiting for you guys so we can show them around."

            "Would love to mom," I say, not taking my eyes off Kris's angry face. "But I've got plans."

            "Oh," mom's disappointed voice sounds from behind me. "What kind of plans? Can't you just reschedule?"

            "No, you know it's Trevor's house party tonight for the start of the year. He always has one on the first Friday of the school year." 

            Kris smirks and finally looks away from me. I don't know why, but this action feels like a weight is lifted off my chest. Her hair is held back in a high ponytail, emphasizing her pale, delicate neck. It wouldn't be so bad if...

            I shake my head as mom thinks out loud about what we should do. 

            Suddenly she snaps her fingers in a comical, "Eureka!" moment. "How about you take Kris with you? That way you can show her around AND introduce her to your friends. It would be great to start now, since you two are in the same grade and will be going to the same school!"

            "No!" Both Kris and I shout at my mom, who looks taken aback by our response. 

            "It won't be so bad you two," she says, the smile returning to her face: my mother, the everlasting optimist. "Kris, it'll be fun. I've known Gabe's friends since they were in diapers; they're harmless." 

            Knowing my mom, she won't give in until I agree with her, so I lower my head in defeat. But from out of the corner of my eyes, I can see Kris's shocked face. "Err, Maria, I'm sure they're cool, but I'm seriously tired from the trip."

            "Nonsense," Lisa chimes in and I almost burst out laughing at the look of betrayal on Kris's face. This is one road she's travelling down on her own. "You slept almost through the whole flight. Gabe," I look up at her and immediately see the resemblance that Kris has to her mom, who much like my mom, is also gorgeous for her age. "Please take good care of her, okay?"

            "Yes ma'am," I say, trying to keep myself from shaking with laughter at hearing Kris's stuttered words of outrage. "Jump in Kris," I add for good measure. 


            "That house is way too big for just the two of you," Kris suddenly says, breaking the silence in the car as we drive down the streets of Trent County. Her words are soft, almost meant for me not to hear them.

            "Used to be three of us... but now, with you guys, it's four," I admit, keeping my eyes on the road. When I was younger and mom started working on her manuscripts, the house had felt a bit empty, but just like everything else in my life, I'd gotten used to it. If anything, having two more people in the house would take even more getting used to. "It's a good place to relax when you need to escape from the chaos of the County."

            "Yeah, I'm sure," Kris snorts. "I'm sure it's quite the scandalous place." 

            I ignore her comment as I park the car behind Mike's Beamer and turn off the engine. I clear my throat and turn in my seat towards her. She's crossing her arms and staring straight out the windshield, avoiding eye contact. "Listen, these are my friends. They're good people and they'll welcome you as one of their own, just please, don't be as rude to them as you are with me. I don't know what your deal is with me since I hardly even remember you, but just chill out with them, okay?"

            She clenches her jaw and opens the door. I follow suite and we both slam the doors at the same time. As soon as I'm out, I can feel the heat of the day, even if it is now dark outside. The music coming from Trevor's backyard is blasting and the sound of laughter and splashing as people jump into the pool welcomes us to the official start of the school year, just like every year since freshman year. I nod my head at some of the guys from the team as I walk up the pathway towards the gate that leads to the pool. I try to ignore their lingering looks on Kris behind me. Being a guy, it's not hard for me to guess what they're thinking about.

            "Yo, guy!" Mike yells over the pumping base. His girlfriend, Sunny Rosalind, follows closely behind as he makes a beeline for me. "We thought you weren't going to show."

            "What?" I say laughing and high-fiving him. "There's no way in hell I'd be missing Trev's bash. Speaking of which, where is the big party planner?" 

            Mike shrugs, grabbing Sunny by the waist. "Who knows? He’s probably somewhere scoring." 

            I nod and turn around. Kris is looking around the place shyly, her eyes following the crazy teenagers that are in my junior class. "This is Kris; she's staying with us for a while." Kris perks up at the sound of her name and she turns her attention towards us. She smiles, surprising even me, and says a warm hello to Mike and Sunny, who is immediately complimenting her hair colour and eyes. 

            "Oh wow, I have to definitely introduce you to the girls," Sunny squeals in a tone of voice reserved for hyper girls. Kris smiles awkwardly and allows Sunny to pull her through the crowd of rambunctious teenagers. 

            I turn back to Mike and notice that he's still watching the girls walk away. "That's definitely something," he murmurs, barely audible enough for me to hear over the music. 

            "What are you talking about?" I ask him, drawing his attention back to me. 

            "Have you told the guys about this turn of events?'

            I shake my head. "Nah, it's no big deal. She's the daughter of my mom's best friend, and to be honest, she's kind of mean." 

            "Whatever, dude," he laughs, slapping my shoulder. "She's hot, it'll be fun."

            "Are you nuts? I just hooked up with Nicky and you're suggesting I get with the Ice Queen over there? That's like, social suicide." 

            He shrugs, spotting someone behind me and smiling. "Whatever dude, if Nicky weren't so hot, I'd say you're committing another type of suicide. Hey Nicks, see ya Gabe," he says suddenly and I swivel on the spot until I'm facing my girlfriend. 

            Her eyes scan over me, making me feel self-conscious, and her long, blond hair is in two long braids. Her full, glossy lips pout at me before smiling. "Hey baby," her thin hands reach under my wife-beater and pass over my abs. The move makes me shiver with anticipation. "Why are you so late? I've been waiting for you." 

            I smile like a lovesick puppy. "I had some things to take care of."

            "Oh," even though the music is loud and there are people yelling all around us, her low, raspy voice is still loud enough to have an impact on me. "Well, I'm just glad you finally got here." 

            I look up at the starry night sky with excitement as her hands reach around my waist, so that she's hugging me close to her. My height of six feet and three inches makes me seem like a giant beside her thin, five feet-five inch figure. Around us, the party is rocking. People drink beers that they've managed to sneak in under Trev's parents' nose, the DJ is blasting some crazy beats, and Craig McIntyre is manning the barbecue. There's no doubt in my mind that my girlfriend is the hottest girl at this party, which just makes me feel even more proud.

            "How about we get out of here?" Her voice brings me back from my reverie and I look down at her. Her face is hidden against my chest and her vanilla perfume drifts up in small waves towards my nose. Despite the fact that I really want to ditch with her, I know I can't. 

            "Not tonight babe," I say apologetically. Almost instantly, she pulls away from me as if a shot of electricity has coursed through the two of us. "I brought someone with me and I can't just leave them." No matter how rude she is, I silently add.

            "What do you mean? Who did you bring?" Nicky has completely disengaged herself from me and I feel the sharp sting of regret as her body heat leaves me. 

            "My mom's best friend is staying with us for a while," I say slowly.

            "You brought some old lady here?" she asks, annoyed. My stomach clenches with irritation at her comment. Nicky has always been one of the people from the gated community that we live in whose never gawked at my mom. She's one of the few who don't comment on how pretty my mom is, and to hear her be associated with an "old lady" is slightly annoying. 

            "No," I say slowly, trying to maintain my cool. "I brought her daughter so she can get to know the County and the kids from our school. She's in our grade."

            "You brought another girl?" Though her voice is low, I can see the storm brewing in her eyes. Crap, Nicky has always been known for her jealousy. 

            "Don't worry; she's like a little sister, okay?" 

            "Whatever," Nicky frowns before walking away from me. I sigh and look around for Kris, ready to bail before this place gets too heated.

            The sight of a high, blond ponytail catches my eye and I start walking towards Kris.

            I stop several feet away when I notice that she's talking to Trevor. I'm not about to step on his game, so I keep my distance. Not that he needs my help, considering how many girls want to get with him. His family isn't as wealthy as mine, but they still have enough money for this mansion that he lives in and for the Range Rover that he drives around in. His black hair and green eyes have earned the nickname "Teenage Greek God", and his smooth style of wooing girls has always been noted by me and the guys. As I watch him work his magic, I can't help but look at Kris, who's smiling politely, but without any interest. I don't know if Trevor notices her lack of attention like I do, but he must have if he's pulling out all the stops. From here I can hear him tell football stories that would normally have a girl wrapped around his finger, but Kris is barely paying attention, the glossy look in her eyes shows her boredom. 

            "Beer?" Kyle says behind me, his signature choice of speaking breaking into my thoughts. 

            "No thanks dude, I'm driving." 

            "Hot," he says, nodding at Kris. 

            I shrug and make my way through the crowd. It's time to put an end to Trevor's misery. "Hey man, I see you've met Kris." 

            She gives me a brief look of gratitude from behind Trevor, but just like that it is gone and her cold expression towards me is back. 

            "Yeah, we were just chatting it up," he smiles then says to me in a low voice, "dude, you didn't tell me you had a hot girl staying with you." 

            "I've got Nicky," I remind him.

            "Whatever," Trevor says, patting my arm. "Just look out. Enjoy the party, pretty lady." 

            Kris smiles at him as he goes and greets someone else, and then lets out a sigh. "You were right about your friends being nice; I just didn't expect some of them to be so nice." 

            "Ignore him, he's like the high-school whore, he knows his way around."

            "I bet," she says, shaking her head. 

            We both look at each other in a rare moment of agreement, before a loud cheer from a group of guys in the pool pulls our eyes towards the football tossing game in the water. "You wanna bail?" I ask over the din of the party.

            "Yeah, I'm in."

The End

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