The Best Friend TheoryMature

Violet Bastow is your average teen, she goes to high school, she has friends... and she's in love with a guy.... who also happens to be her best friend.... yeah... and things get awkward really quickly.

"The Best Friend Theory" is a simple truth, a fact that everyone understands and in one way or another has experienced it. That simple truth is that guys and girls can’t be best friends, sure they can be friends, but being best friends… well, that’s a whole other ball game.

You see my dear readers; in every relationship where two people become “best friends” they’re not really best friends. One of them will harbour feelings for the other while the other will only see them as a brother or a sister or a lamp. Either way they get dumped into the Friend Zone.

Ugh, the Friend Zone, it’s a barren wasteland full of people who tried to express their feelings but get shot down because the other person only wants to be friends. This wasteland is near impossible to escape from.

But with all things it is possible to escape from the Friend Zone, it takes time and patience but sooner or later that person who you obsessed over and was best friends with for a long time begins to develop those feelings for you too.

Alas, Violet Bastow is the prime example of the Best Friend Theory and she is one of the few people in the world who can never ever escape from the Friend Zone.

The End

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