People can be painfully helpful.

'So, where for lunch?'

A common question I was asked, daily. I never was sure why, but they all seemed to follow me for some reason, whenever I asked, they shrugged and said it was because everyone else did.

We ended up going to Churchill park, we'd been going there for lunch a lot recently, the weather had started to change, days were mostly sunny now.

We just sat and chilled on the swings for a while, nothing special.

That's when she came over, I knew she was friends with Holly and Jess, but I never really saw them together that much.

'Hi guys' she said, smiling at me again.

There was no doubt that I blushed again.

I spent the rest of lunch catching a few glimpses of her when I thought no one was looking, but I'm pretty sure Holly caught me, on more than one occasion.


"Hey Mam!' I yelled as I stepped through the front door.

I slid past her in the hallway, and up to my bedroom.

I watched some TV untill about ten, shows how exiting a life I have, when I finally decided to get some sleep.



The next day was boring, I just sat in all day, on facebook.

It was at about 9pm when I got a message from Holly asking if I wanted to go out the next day. Why not?


The next day came, I got out of bed, went in the shower, and set off for churchill, where we had decided to meet.

Holly had brought her.

I knew she had seen me.

I should have been more careful.

I had no idea what to do, words no longer came to me, all I could think about was her, there was only three of us, she was definatly going to talk to me.

I sheepishly looked away from her whenever she was looking, and just hung on the swings, eventually the time came, when she had to go home, she was babysitting her little brother. 

So it was just me and Holly.

I was relieved. At first.


She started talking to me about her. She kept asking questions, ''What do you think of her?"

"Nothing!" I'd replied, my thoughts screaming fractions of her perfection.

Eventually I cracked. "Yeah, I like her. Well, I MORE than like her. She's pretty much my  only thought at the moment."

"Go for it" she said, " a little birdy tells me she likes you, too."


"It's true!"

"Of course."

"Why would I lie?!"

I couldn't answer.

I also couldn't believe that she could like me.

I didn't say much for the rest of the night, I pretty much just headed home, with just a murmered goodbye.

The End

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