School sucks.


By the time I got to my form room, I was already late. I mean, whats the point of having a warning bell, if it doesn't give you enough time to actually get to your classroom?

'That's the third time this week, Isaac, I'm going to have to put you on 


'Yeah, sir, I know' I agreed with him, the amount of times he'd let me off

with being late was getting into the triple digits...

I made my way to the back of the class, and to my seat, fumbling, and

embarrassing myself.

As I sat down, my friend, Paul said, 'Naughty naughty'

I gave him a quick glance, and turned my attention to my teacher, Mr Davis, who was 

reading out the notice of todays events,

'Chess club tonight in the library, trampolining at lunch, it's an alright sport,

has its ups and downs' I swear he makes that joke every day, its gotten to the point where we all have started to pity laugh him, so that he might shut up for once.

The bell rang again, time to head off to history, 'Yo, Henry!' I called.

'Henry isn't in today' someone replied.

I swear that kid skives every friday...

I set off to History on my own, I was just crossing the courtyard, and that is the moment I saw her.

She'd been in my mind for the mostpart of the last month or so, I swear she is so beautiful, I can't believe I didn't notice her sooner.

She was talking to her friends from sixth form, Sam and Sarah, they were dating, I didn't know that for a fact, but they were holding hands, and she seemed like a shy kind of person, so it made sense.

I could vaguely hear Sam talking about some gig he was playing at the maggy bank in a few weeks, this was when she looked over and saw me staring, she smiled and waved.

I swear my blood saw this as an opertunity to embarrass me, so it ALL jumped into my face.

I looked at my shoes, and set off at a pace that probably would make up for the time I'd wasted staring at her.


The rest of the day went by pretty quickly, and before I knew it, it was lunchtime, and we were getting changed after P.E, with the usual banter from the over compensating gay kid, who was trying to bully the nerds.

It was when it got personal when I stepped in, Lloyd had just called my friend Ryan's mum a ten pence jiggalo.

'Hey, Lloyd, were you named after the pharmacy because of the broken condom, or the failed abortion?' I managed to say as I smoothly slid out of the changing rooms.

'Well, that was fun...' I muttered to myself as I started to walk out and meet my friends.

The End

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