The best ending I could have reasonably hoped for.

I was plagued by the nightmare, almost every night for four years.
There was only one name that could get me through the nights. Ellie.

26th of September 2010


Today was an average day.

I got up like I did everyday.

My mother yelling at me to get up 'cause I'll be late for school, 

me groaning grumpily in response as I would roll over. 

It was our routine; she didn't like it, but it worked.


Eventually I would get up, 

crawl into the shower, and 'space out' on my feet, as she 

would call it. 

I could spend days in the shower, it was warm comfortable and 

I didn't feel the need to do anything, 

you could say that my showers; they represented my 



Eventually I managed to get washed, and out. As I pulled on my 

uniform, I heard my mother's last yell from the bottom of the

stairs as she set off for work, "ISAAC, HURRY UP, YOU'RE


I'd heared it countless times before, and I never was late.

Not even once. I let out a brief sigh as I listed through todays lessons

in my head, 'History, English, P.E, ICT, Graphics' trying to remember

if I had any homework, and if so, what. It turned out, I did have some 

work that needed to be handed in, Graphics, a project that I hadn't

started. "There goes my lunch..." I mumbled to myself.

I grabbed some toast and headed for school, eating as I went.

On the way I bumped into Kieran, Joel, and Jamie, with a casual

'Hey' we continued to walk to school in silence, until Joel decided

to tell us the wonders of Giraffe reproduction, it certainly took my

mind off my homework, I can thank him for that at least.

Soon the school was in sight, I pushed through the crowds at the gate

giving one or two high fives to a few people as I went, I was almost through

when the bell rang, off to registration then...

The End

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