There's more that hides in darkness then just vampires and werewolves.


     It leaves us in darkness... blinded from the light and hidden from the truth. It's warm lies numb our aching souls.

     We are nothing but rootless soldiers marching straight for the abyss.

     The onyx sun hovers behind Manhatten's skyscrapers—above brick boulevards and asphalt avenues.

     It's here that you'll find us—a parade of desolate spirits scattered throughout the twists and turns of a city's complicated, grid-like labyrinth.

     We blend together like the World's oceans, a sea of faces seen and forgotten... easily overlooked.

     We have all picked our poison and it's here that we'll wait—vaulerable—till obscurity spreads through every vein, every fiber of our existence.

     The darkness spares no one. It claims us—one by one... young or old. It preys on the weak but won't hesitate to knock down the strong, taking pleasure with each disheartened soul.

     The cimmerian shade breeds temptation—it's offspring—fradulent hope. Nothing but an illusion of castles in the air... for each high is a fall much greater than the one before as the best deception is nothing more than your own desire.

The End

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