Everywhere I looked I saw fear, anguish, death. It was preventable yes. But no one ever did prevent it, sure they tried but I still saw those families be torn apart like mine was. I stabbed. Then I stabbed some more. My senses vanished, I was a machine created to kill.

Because of my actions this innocent man lay before me. A pool of scarlet blood gathered at his stomach and thigh where I had stabbed him a few times. I saw the fear etched across his face, the same fear I saw everywhere. I saw it on people in my town, I saw it in this small village I saw it in the mirror.


The next thought in my head was, ‘you have no choice’. It sounded like Laura had uttered the words, I saw the worlds form on her beautifully carved lips. I held the knife, I had never told anyone this but it was the same knife. The same knife I used to kill Laura.

She was even more insufferable at the end.

I looked at it with remorse, closed my eyes and counted to two. For the two years Isabella was alive, the two years it took for me to kill Laura and the two years I spent in the army.


One… two…

The End

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