The Berieved

Patrick is a berieved nomad. His wife and daughter are dead so he joins the army in search of a new life helping others survive. What happens there shocks him to the very core.

I was breathing heavily and a million thoughts were racing through my head all at once.

“What have I done?” was the first thought in my mind. My heart was dancing wildly.

I twisted the wet knife in my hand and bit my lip anxiously. I had just broken I don’t know how many laws. I had killed somebody. A somebody with a family. He might have had a wife and children. I cried, it didn’t do any good though. It didn’t bring this man back to life. I wiped the tears streaking down my muddy cheeks. Then I removed my helmet and knelt down beside the victim. I knew what to expect but still let out a gasp of shock when I found a picture in his pocket. It was a picture of a smiling man with a little chubby baby on his lap. The man held his son close to his chest as his beautiful smiling wife had her long arms wrapped loosely around them both. It was a picture of happiness, of love and family. I imagined his wife receiving the news of her husband’s death. I imagined her going into a separate room from her son and crying, not like I was know but crying like the time when I lost my baby daughter.

I can still see her lovely smile, her chubby fists balled up waving at me in wonderment. How cruel life is that I lost my lovely Isabella to leukaemia at the tender age of two.

She had so much life in her.

The End

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