Ducking out on the Check

Well, wasn’t this interesting, the big Twi'lek thought to himself as he sized up the young woman who looked up at him  from across the table.  The purple skinned Twi'lek woman fit the profile of one of the night shift wait staff, and was about the same age as his son, but there was something that replaced the mind numbing boredom that plagued most food servers in the Meltdown.  There was a keen spark behind those eyes.  Fortune wasn’t sure what her angle was, but he would play along.   the Smuggler glanced to track the Hitters, who were moving closer to their table.   

"Yeah, let's go take a look, Kid."  Duul said, a wide grin crossing his face.  "I've spent plenty of time sitting on my duff anyway."  and motioned for her to lead the way and scooted out of the booth, adjusting his gun belt.  "Downright gone numb.."  

The woman nodded, and with a dazzling smile motioned for him to go forward  towards the kitchen areas.  Even though there was more room on his starboard side, she kept to port, keeping him between the Hitters and herself.  Oh, it wasn't an easy notice, the Kid was really good at ducking out, and now he could see she tied her lekku back.   Not it a fetching or alluring way, but to keep them silent.  Twi'lek language regardless of dialect relies not only on voice, but lekku micro motions and twitches.  

She moved ahead of him, still keeping the Hitters between them as she moved through the kitchen doors.  If the hitters were here for her, and she was as sharp as he thought, then she'd know that going out the alley doors would run them into the backdoor man covering the alley.  

Or, maybe he was reading too much, and she DID have a blue plate special....



The End

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