Blue Plate Special

Xiann waited for the waitress to leave, mulling over the exchange at the table nearby. It wasn't hard to glean he'd been asking for a job, but he didn't seem overly disappointed by the outcome. Still, he had been looking for work.

As she watched him the large twi'lek man's attention sharpened and landed on someone on the other side of the room. Following his gaze she felt her stomach just about drop through the floor. "Frotz." She swore quietly but emphatically.

Clenching her lekku tightly she forced herself to pick up a tray of glasses and look busy, and keep her face to the floor. She had no idea how they had managed to pick this place out of the entire row, but evidently Annuck was mad enough to call for a sweep of the entire district. Bad luck. At least she wasn't the only purple skinned girl in the place.

Taking a breath, she forced herself to remain calm and set her shoulders back and down. She paced slowly over to the man's table. 

He looked up at her dismissively. "Been helped," he nodded. "Thanks."

She set down a glass of water carefully anyway. "Heard you were looking for the blue plate special," she said and gave him a tiny smile.

He gave her an inscrutable look for a moment before nodding once. His attention kept flickering around the room. She very carefully did not follow his gaze as she made note of his reaction.

Breathing evenly she tried to get her thoughts in order. She needed to talk to him, but not here. If he was looking for work, he probably had a ship or knew of one. This guy could be her ticket, and if not a ticket, at least someone she could duck behind on her way out.

Xiann carefully made eye contact and gave him a cheerful, meaning-laden smile. "I hear something just came in. If you're interested I can head back and see about it. Would you be more comfortable waiting in a booth?"

The End

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