That's the ticket.

Xiann uncurled from her position in the dimly lit corner booth by the door and stretched slowly, savoring the feeling as the tension left her coiled muscles. The tips of her violet skinned lekku curled in momentary amusement- the being at the next table had his eyes fixed firmly on her bare midriff. Unfortunately it was a bit more attention than she was wanting at the moment, so she gave the man a cold look that made it clear she wasn't one of the serving girls weaving their way among the tables. 

It was awfully convenient that she could blend in with them, however.

Apparently, it was time to leave. The Twi'lek had spent most of the night at the Meltdown, slowly nursing as few drinks as possible, trying to spot her ticket out. More time than was safe, under the circumstances. Eventually someone she knew would think to check for her in the less obvious places. She needed a change of scenery- and not just for tonight. She was starting to get nervous.

There were a couple of possibilities. 

A group of male pilots a few tables over were a good bet. From the way they were harassing the dancer next to their table, it was obvious what they'd expect for a trip off planet, so they were definitely a last resort. Chi'kan, all of them. Perverts. There were a few others that would probably take money to keep quiet and get her out quickly, but she knew most of them by sight and she knew that they would be the first people to be checked. Not really an option at all.

No, she needed another angle. Xiann glanced up towards the bar, and saw the first really interesting thing to happen in hours. 

A large Twi’lek had stopped briefly in the doorway, and was scanning the room. There was something different about him. He took up space, and not just physically. Looked like he could handle himself.

She’d also never seen him around. 

Xiann frowned for a moment. Generally she preferred to deal with those not of her own species as it was more difficult for them to read the finer points of Twi’lek body language, but- occasionally she liked a challenge, and desperate times called for desperate measures. She picked up her clear drink and downed the rest of it in one gulp. She smiled as the drink burned its way savagely down her throat. 

With a small moue of distaste she took some lekku bindings from the pouch at her waist and quickly wound them through her tails in a decorative weave starting at the crown of her head. It would be easier to fool him if necessary with those bound and out of the conversation. She nervously checked the bundle hidden and bound just above the small of her back as she finished, and set her shoulders.

She picked up the empty glass and some debris from the table, and wound her way towards the bar. Smiling at a few of the other dancers and waitresses, she lifted a spare tray and started picking up empty drinks and plates. Her revealing clothing was similar enough to theirs that everyone around her assumed that she was just another waitress. She'd chosen this place specifically because they didn't use droids. 

If you played your cards right, it was easy to be forgettable. It was a big galaxy.

Xiann brought her tray up to the bar and set it down. She moved away from it before the bartender saw her and gave her something to do. The Twi'lek carefully worked her way over until she was standing unobtrusively near the table the big guy had stalked over to and claimed. 

He looked like he was... waiting? That wasn't quite right either. He was too comfortable. Narrowing her eyes, Xiann scanned the room for signs someone was meeting him.

The End

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