Dinner and Dancing at the Meltdown Cafe

Captain Duul Fortune thought he could enjoy a few days of peace and quiet on Nar Shaddaa, but it would be short lived with the arrival of a mysterious young woman..

Nar Shaddaa.. 


To those who took interest in such thingsIt was the largest moon in orbit around Nal Hutta in the Y'toub system, inside Hutt space.    

Some call it the smugglers moon, others call it the vertical city. It had been referred to as little Coruscant on numerous occasions, usually by those who had never been to the capital, and was neutral territory in the war between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic.   At least for as long as that would last.   

So long as all out war didn’t break out while Duul Fortune concluded his business here, call it anything they want he thought as he brought the Rim Runner to rest on its landing supports, and initiated the shutdown sequenceThe cockpit indicators showed the ship transitioning into low power mode, with the exception of those systems that would allow him to make a fast exit if for some odd reason would go awry.  

The big twi'lek shoved himself to his feet, and moved out of the cockpit while pulling his soft lounge shirt off over his lekku and head as he strode down the bridge corridor and into the common area, tossing it onto the holo table as he passed on his way to his cabinIt picked up by the only other occupant of the freighter, who followed behind him.   

"I shall ensure this gets put into the laundry, Master, have not concerns whatsoever.."  the voice of C2-10G trailed behind him as Duul turned into is cabin and shutting the hatch, stopping TenGee in his tracks.   

Several minutes later, Duul exited the cabin carrying his two pistol rig, frowning at the droid as he passed.  "Why are you lurking around my cabin, you know I hate it when you lurk.." He said as he strapped the belt around his waist, adjusting the position and strapping the thigh ties.   

"I would hardly refer to it as lurking, master." The droid stated,  "perhaps aggressively ensuring your well being would be.." And found himself alone as Duul Fortune headed towards the docking ramp and snatched up his leather jacketTenGee watched as the twi'lek waved him off, shouting a departing salutation as he left the Rim Runner, leaving the service droid to look after the ship...  

The End

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