The green light shone through the dense forest illuminating the path before me. It was only a thin trail of daisies and bluebells that ran beside a trickling stream. Behind me I could hear the footsteps of Alex; they were light and delicate and we passed like ghosts through the serene forest.

I lowered myself gently to pick up a bluebell that had been carelessly discarded after being torn from the ground. However, within the flower protruded an odd, bright light.

This light belonged to an equally as perculier creature. With her pale, transparent wings and tiny frame it could only be one thing. But, to put her into perspective for you, imagine a dragonfly, a relatively small and insignificant creature, right? Well, to these wonderful beings, dragonflies are their steeds.

I offered my hand to the magnificent fairy and she placed her porcelain hands upon it, looking up at me with her round, giant lilac eyes. Her antennae twitched slightly as she analysed me. After a small while of our absent staring she finally clambered up and onto my hand. I watched intently as she pulled at her Lilly petal dress and straightened herself up.  Then her perfectly shaped lips parted, “Hullo stranger, I am Mary-Belle, or Belle if you wish. May I inquire as to your title, oh kind one?” She squeaked, holding out her tiny hand for me to shake.

I offered her in return my little finger and smiled back politely as we shook our hands in greeting, “I am Phoenix and this is Alex, my friend.” I pointed to him and moved so she could shake his hand too, well, finger. But as they shook, Belle trembled and retreated.

He however remained silent, as always, and backed up a little too, it was clear they both instantly disliked each other but none of them spoke a word, remaining the kind, respectful creatures they both were.

“Please, could you place me up there?” She asked, pointing to the tree branch that sat just above us and I did so.

You see, fairies are quite aware of their size and so like to be the same height or taller than their present company.  It is also good manners not to look down at someone. Fairies also take very little encouragement to appear to humans as many are light-hearted and very trusting. They like to giggle, gossip and play but if you ever let a fairy down, or cross them they hold grudges for a very long time.

She gazed at me a little while longer, her lavender-tinted glowing skin dimming a shade or two as she concentrated. I knew what she was doing, she was assessing my aura; seeing how nice I was. After she came to her conclusion her wings beat and fluttered, making a faint buzzing sound.  “You are very kind, Miss Phoenix!” She squealed with joy. “Please allow me to accompany you for a while,” she seemed to ask, but I knew it wasn’t a question.

I made it look as though I was thinking and I even turned to Alex, who shrugged. Belle tapped her foot impatiently and I nodded, lowering myself so she could hop onto my shoulder. She sat down, grabbing a lock of my flaming hair as we began to walk again.

I couldn’t help but wonder though, why would the fairy want to come with us? Perhaps I could get an answer later, but for now we walked back through the forest, re-tracing our steps back to where the stream met the Oak. There we began to set up our camp.

After all, the only safe place at night in the Crystal forest is the Great Oak.     

The End

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