The Believers

A story of the fantastical, of the ethereal and amazing. Tell me, do you believe?

This world, it is something so unlike your own. Yet, it is your own. But as you go to school, work and all those other ‘serious’ things you miss the vital details that make this world so beautiful. I’m going to open your eyes in a hope, some hope that you will see this wonderful world too.

But, as I tell you about this world you must promise, promise that you will not bring your ‘power plants’ and ‘motor vehicles,’ you must preserve the beauty, or forever will the world be lost more than it already is.

My name is Phoenix; my real name is something you don’t need to know. I’m a twelve year old girl that lives in a boring town, in an extraordinary world. As I write this, the shadows are already watching, ready to steal my socks when I’m not looking. But I have placed them on a long piece of fairy hair... or string, to you ordinary folk, above my window. But this is my tale, my tale of the fantastical. A tale of the imagination and only those who truly believe will find magic in my world.

My world is not something you see through a magnify glass, or a special ‘seeing stone,’ it simply takes belief. Are you ready to believe?

The End

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