The Beginning Of An End

was a quick draft of a story me & my friend hope to get published



I lifted my head , letting the light and shadow dance across my face. It created new shadows and dark patches around me. Mystical. I could see eyes glimmering  from tree hollows. The wind wailed between distorted trunks , carrying the sensitive aura of fresh spring petals. I moved faster , ignoring the nettles that caught at my jeans , the damp leaves that wet my shoes. Bees hummed in and out of my face , annoyed I attacked the air with my fists. I inhaled the original smell of wildlife , amused  in the sound of my feet sliding through the leaves. I kicked a few in the air, laughing at how they fell. As I walked deeper into the forest, it became reality. I was alone and surrounded by nature. I was in a truly magical place, as if those who had created this forest would hide special gifts, to be found by the people who adventured there, and who took the time to notice such amazing views. Towering trees surrounded me , closing in on me. It got darker and more silent. The scent vanished and the sound of animals stirring through the brush flew away. I was trapped between endless branches and thorns that examined me, touching my skin when I rubbed past them. I didn’t know where I was, day dreaming through  these woods had got me very deep into its core.

My surroundings were fledged with dying plants. These leaned against the grey statue like trees and their black , weary leaves were a hundred feet up in the air, closing in on my location. The ground beneath me was a dark, opaque colour covered with coarse grass, torn everywhere by the upheavals of fallen trees, scattered with decaying flowers. Behind this maze of fauna was something , I felt it , the darkness and light of the forest speaking out to me , drawing me into the open space .

“Gabriel?” someone questioned. I turned and froze.




“Who’s there?” my voice, now shaky and bursting with curiosity. Even all the way out here, I was still not alone. The dark figure appeared, curing my frustation. , I swallowed my heart back down my throat. His face was a light pink, his posture angled at one side, enhanced by shadows that light created as if he was waiting to be modelled. The figure was crouching above me , completely still with no sense of unbalance. He had a muscular but slim build, I guessed it was a male as no woman would have such manly features as he did.. He gracefully leaped out from the tree and landed swiftly beside me, my heart thumped as his feet hit the ground with a loud crash. Quite handsome , and slightly lighter skinned , his eyes dazzled with a lighter green, somewhat brighter than the norm.. My heart thumped again, this time out of utter fear. I was prepared for this, I had trained for anything like this, I was stronger depending on their age & abilitly. preparing for the unfamiliar but expected  encounter with a being of the old ages.

“What are you doing out here?” the voice demanded, stern slightly annoyed even. Shocked by the attitude I remained silent , focusing on how to start my attack and hopefully escape. Ideas, they all flushed from my head, my brain became empty. So did I. I tried to answer, my throat dry and head filled with nausea made it difficult to apprehend the situation I was unfortunately in. My panic overcome my common sense. I took one step back, simultaneously he paced one forward, he then stood one hand against a gray trunk. The tree shook with force like a truck had just reversed into it. Surely I would be dead in a few seconds , depending on whether he wanted my blood or not, the scent of it would drive him into a fit of insanity for it. Though he seemed very relaxed. His nose smelling my various scents. Curiosity, pleasure, they both filled his emotions. I swallowed hard, shuddering as I realised that the loud “gulp” invaded the deep silence. I waited anxiously at his reaction ,he lifted a smile to his cheeks , flashing his large prism shaped teeth towards me. They would soon be round my neck, or eating my flesh I thought.

“Gabriel ,” how did he know my name?

“ You don't know me, but by god I know you! The moon has blessed me with such a ... How shall I put it ... Treat! ”. He stood up from his rigid position, standing upright and .. Very tall. I felt like a weed to him. But this weed wasn’t going down without a struggling fight. I felt my powers accelerate through me, driving me forward, my hands slowly moving towards my back, ready to fire whatever element I could fabricate from his emotions towards him.. The now know werewolf eyed me up & down viciously, as if I was a delicous meal of some sort. I guess he knew what I was up to. I breathed in & made my advance



“ Gabriel, please. From what I’ve heard , you are far more civilised that.” the wolf spoke with my kinder words, now in a more defended stance. Hands by his side, legs perched on either side , ready to pounce.

I wasn’t going to respond to the dog, tricky as it was not to, I stood my ground and spoke no word. Maybe he was right, maybe he just wanted to … No! Wolfs are wolfs!, vindictive , cunning and especially strong, this one being no expectation. Emotions ran through my body, anger, curiosity, fear, courage mostly. That triggered it, as my brain clicked with body , I felt it coming. The light breeze suddenly became a fierce wind, leafs, small stones , all kinds of debris flew and swam around us both, waving in the wind. He suddenly looked a bit scared, though his face showed only the slightest feeling of anxiety.   Suddenly a red sprit like essence was being produced out my hand , it twirled and twisted in the air, curling and rotating as it moved. It was hot and I could feel the heat it fabricated, sparks of a collage of red and orange feel off the top, sprinkling the grass below innocently. He suddenly looked so helpless, maybe if I tried deeply hard enough I could even hurt him before he regenarated.

' Yum, feisty!' he broke my concentration.

The flames still burned as red as ever, showing no sign of retreating without being used, the want to use it burnt as hot as the flames were in my hand. Though my nerves calmed and the flame slowly dimmed down to nothing, a phoniex slowly turning to ash. The fire may have dimmed, but I could still burn! I was not fully in control & carrying on would result in the whole fire burning down.




'What's this all about beast!' I asked, trying to keep the rage and vegance at bay. It came through in some ways. My face must have been a puddle of negative emotions. I was suprised that my reactions were getting the better of me.

A smile emerged, he was indoubtly taunting me!

' Even beasts have names Gabriel,  names Lance '

Ditto, like I care you hotshot

 His voice was soft but yet so strong. Like a commander shouting at a army,  but yet still inspiring every heart there. A melodly in a raging war, a whisper in a dark woods. Though nothing could compare itself to that of thi .... Lance. I shook my head, regaining the concentration I had misplaced in his beautiful face. For a wet poodle, he was quite kind. He had much anger and pain, those feelings would overwelme me if I let them. I paced slowly closer to him, my hand slowly stretching out to meet him. The wind stopped and time felt as if it was taking the piss out of me. Every step I took lasted forever. All that there was to hear was the crunching of autumn leaves beneath my feet. I was close and as I went to touch his arm, he suddenly grabbed my wrist.




Automatically I tryed to release his grip, although he was much stronger than I was. My wrists were chained under his bulging muscles and strong hands. I pulled & pushed till I could do no more as gave up.

' Got ya now!'

Ideas, strategys, they all mean nothing when you are forced into a corner of suprise.  So I did the same tenfold. I closed my eyes & let my lips meet his. Soft & gentle like pearl's, they perfectly fitted in with mine.  His confusion was powerful and I decided to asborb his emotion. His energy released itself and became my strength. I breathed in and took his wrist. He face soon changed to that off shock.

' What?!' He angelic voice stuttered, his confusion was so powerful I could knock down trees. I looked into his eyes, the delight! They were filled up with fear and panic! I breathed in again, this time feeling a surge throughout my whole body, I released him and pushed him away with disgust. He was at least 10 foot away from me now, kneeling on his left, his head faced down, dark spikey hair hidding his appealing features. Even being as far as he was from me i could still see the emerald eyes filled with pleasure.

'What are you ?' He smiled with utter joy, his exictement plusating through his body.

I held my hand back, charged the power,  & built it up. A burning red sensation was being built up on my hand, struggling to keep the force back, I fired the beam directly at  him, the wade of colours, twisting, curling , enforcing each other into something divine.  this time he fell with a thud on his back , further away. A direct hit. ' More than you'd ever know!'

The End

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