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"Damn it!" I slammed down the phone angrily for what must have been the twentieth time.

"Still no answer?" Gregg asked unnecessarily from the other room.  I glared at him.  What kind of a stupid question was that to ask.

"That's it!  I'm going."

"Robyn... I think you need to calm down.  Driving three hours in the middle of the night isn't going to solve anything for her."

It's eight o'clock!!  That's not the middle of the night!"

"It's still not sensible, we have work tomorrow"

"Sensible?"  I felt something break inside of me.  "Don't you dare condescend me you sonofabitch.  I have no intention of calming down.  Did you hear that message?  Did my sister sound like she was being sensible!!  Did she sound like someone who maybe needed her only sister with her?"

He held up his hands as though I was going to strike him, with his stupid unshaved mouth working away but only a stupid sounding "bu... bu... bu..." coming out.

"I won't sleep until I talk to her anyways."  I mumbled this last to myself as I moved toward the door and gathered my jacket.  I made sure the keys were in the pocket before putting it on and slamming the door behind me.

I climbed into my little old car and screeched out of the driveway as best I could with my it's tired little engine.  It was very unsatisfying.

"ASSHOLE!" I screeched at the top of my lungs.  What was it with men that made them think they owned you once you moved in with them?  Who was he to tell me to be sensible?

After driving for a few blocks I started to feel bad about blowing up like that.  Gregg really hadn't deserved it, but it sure felt good.  Even now my pulse was still hammering away.  

By the time I turned onto the highway I wasn't thinking about Gregg, though.  I was thinking about my older sister.  

Jolene had always been so "in control" of her life that it had been a source of constant irritation for me.  My parents were always comparing me to their perfect older daughter.  Always asking why I couldn't get a degree like my sister, or a career like her, or settle down with a nice guy like Adam.

Well at the very least I can get some vindication on that last point.  

I shook my head hard at myself to dispel that thought.  How unworthy was that?  

I had come home from work and listened to the messages.  Jolene had left a message at 4 am the night before.  I had never heard anything like it from my sister.  She was wailing and crying and telling me to call her back and it didn't matter how late it was she needed to talk to me.  I had tried to ring back for an hour before finally decided to act.  

She had even sounded drunk which was a real shock.  The only time I had seen her drunk was at our Grandparents 50th Anniversary when uncle Kent had kept slipping a "little extra" into their drinks.  I found myself smiling thinking back to that night.  

I looked down and noticed the speedometer creeping up into the 150 range and backed it off a little bit.  I always drove a bit fast, but this was pushing it.  I just felt so anxious to get to my sister that I felt like crawling out of my skin.

I turned on the radio to keep my brain occupied, but all the music seemed to harsh in my ears.  It was either a cacophony, or just boring.  I flipped between stations for a while I turned it off after a while.  It seemed like it was all junk.  I wish I had CD player in this thing.

My mind came back to the whole "Adam' situation.  Jolene had been pretty closed off about the whole thing, but I knew about Adam and that bitch, Melanie.  Jolene had tried to keep the whole thing quiet but Adam had no such intentions about it.  You would think he would have had the decency to be ashamed of himself, but he almost seemed proud of the whole thing.  

I shook my head for the thousandth time.  What did Jo' see in him that was worth so much?  The guy thought of nothing but himself.  It would take a while, but I'll talk her around.  Maybe it's time I took a few days off sick at work.  This was the first time Jo had ever really needed me and I wasn't about to go halfway to help.

I noticed the bright lights shining into my car and realized that there were flashing lights behind me.  I looked down and saw the speedometer up past the 140 mark again.  Great.


The End

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