The Begining of the End: A Blue Blood Prequel

This is an unofficial prequel of Melissa de la Cruz's Blue Blood Saga.
It is based on the life of Allegra Van Alen, begining from her discovery of her heritage to her final hours prior to her lapse into a comma.
There shall be different point of views later on. I hope you all enjoy it!
Disclaimer: I do not own the Blue Bloods or any characters. They belong to the talented Melissa de la Cruz.


It was raining in Heaven when you went down.
You were better than the best, stayed a notch above the rest.
It was raining in Heaven when you went down.
Your mother cried, said ‘she told you so' but you touched the devil and couldn't let go
No one controls the Outlaw.
Pat Benatar "Outlaw Blues"

Ever since I could remember, I'd always been donned on, respected, praised and loved. By practically every one I knew; my mother's friends, my teachers at Duchesne, all the upper classmen, my mother...

But no one, absolutely no one, could understand me and care for me the way my twin brother, Charles, did. We had some kind of bond. Sometimes all we had to do was look at each other and know what type of mood the other was in; it was almost like we could read each other's minds. Yeah, we were that close.

But all of that changed the year I turned fifteen. The year I discovered the truth. The year I met Steven Chase. The year I found out that my life would never be the same...

The End

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