The End: After Death

** Chloe**

I wake up one nite with a paper in my hands. I opened it and it sayed:

Your Assinmant: Protect Faith Sanchez

I didnt know how or what happend but i new what to do. I instantly arrived at her house. She was 5 years old and was playing with her older sister. I didnt kno wat to do so i just said "Hi" She straightend her bak and look in my direction. "HI!" Her sister looked at her weird. "Who your talking to?" she asked "My imaginary Friend! Her name is Me"

**Few Years Later**

Ok so Faith figured out who i was. And to top it off we got my Bro and Sis here too. We usually talk 2 each other mentally now. you guys are such a pain! sometimes i swear! that was krystalin. "Thank you we try our best :3" that was me. ':D we excell on bieng pains' that was  Jessie. ""You guys ARE  total pain -.-"" and that was Nick. We figured out that our dad was a Fallen Angel but w/ more powers. And our Mom was part cat. Our Dad killed us cuz he really didnt like us. but he's also scared of us because of wat we became. Since we're part Angel and Fallen Angel and part Cat, He's scared of wat we became. Also Faiths friend May is going to be future princess of the WHOLE world...i think.


I had came into May's body  a little while after jessie came. I was SO happy to find out we were together again (Author: AAAWWWW). She also had some other people here too. A girl name fiara is stuck inside her for who know's how long, Mark her gardian, Alice the vampire and herself . So we started texting Faith and they we're talking about how much we liked each other so i finally cracked ""You kno wat? *kisses jessie* wuld u like 2 go out w/ me?""  that is when we're txting. 'Um..*blushes*sure'  But then we had to leave.


'omg omg omg! thomas asked me out!!!!eekkkkk!!!!! *starts dancing around the room*'  oh godz i bet ur happy 'yes! *starts flying around the house*' xD hey jessie i bet u looked at his butt! '-,- no i didnt!' ur blushing! yea u did!' i swear 2 god i didnt!' stop lying! u liar! '-,- im not admiting anything!' FINE watever Ugh Faith is so annoying sumtimes -,-

The End

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