The Begining: Life

Basicly its about these 4 children and about their life. I hope you guys like it and its a good story :3 and if u cry easily...dont be scared to cry. :)


"Mama! im going outside to play!" i said she called back "Alrite darling have fun and try to make some new friends!" i had already opend the door and yelled back "Ok MAMA!" i closed the door and started playing outside. i was mainly rolling around and doing cartwheels. Oh and im 7 years old and live in New York of the 1970's. My name is Jessie, im blonde with blue eyes. i usually take after my mom. i stopped rollaing around and i looked up at the sky. Then someone came up to me. "Hi im Thomas! Whats your name?" i sat up and looked at thomas. "Hi thomas my name is Jessie" He smiled at me. He had brown hair and brown eyes. "im 6 years old how old are you?" i smiled "im 7" i replyed "hey wana play tag?" i nodded "Sure! tag your it!" i yelled and ran away from him

** Chloe**

i really didnt do anything fun cause there was nothing fun to do. I usually hung out with my Big Bro Nick. "Hey Nick! wacha doing?" i asked "Nothing just building stuff" i walked over to him and looked over his shoulder and saw him building a bird house. "Nice bird house. did mom have you make it?" he nodded "yea its boring" i laughed "Wow have me help" he shook his head "no this is a mans job" at that i laughed harder " Oh OK! a maannss job! Just because im a woman doesnt mean im not capable of  doing a mans job! why dont you try cooking and cleaning and washing the clothes?" he smiled "Is that a challenge?" i smirked "yea! i bet you i could finish this Bird House!" he rolled his eyes "OK i bet i can finish all of your chores" i took out my hand "Deal?" he grabbed it "Deal"


 I left the tools on the table and went to go do her chores. I had to clean her room,Wash her's and my clothes (which was very difficult because i didnt know how) , and Cook dinner for the whoile family. When i came back to cheak on Chloe and the bird house it was already finished and painted "You finished it?" i asked her she smiled "yup but it was all blood sweat and tears" i laughed at that and she started laughing with me.


*Few Years Later*

I lied down on the ground staring at the sky. Jessie came up to me and poked my head. she whisperd "Are you having fun?" i smiled and looked at her. "yea i am" i whisperd back. i didnt notice but i was staring at her. "um.. why are you staring at me? do i have something in my hair?" she touched the top of her hair. I looked away trying hard not to blush "Um no sorry" i could tell she smiled at me " Its ok" I looked back at the sky hoping i still wasnt blushing. At the corner of my eye i saw her lie down next to me. she pointed at the sky and said "that cloud looks like a heart" i saw what she was pointing at and the cloud did look like a heart. "That cloud looks like a dinosaur" i said pointing at another cloud. She laughed and rolled her eyes.i put my arms behind my neck. God i couldn help it but i started liking Jessie. But she's my best fiend so it'd be weird and what if she didnt like me back? I pushed the though out of my head. "oh god i gotta go my moms taking us to my grandma's house" she got up and so did I. "oh ok alrite" i hugged her and she hugged me back. "Bye Thomas see you tomorow" she said while getting in the car. "Bye Jessie see you..."

i got into the car and sat by Chloe and Nick. Im 12,Chloe's 15, and Nick is 17. we we're going to my grandma's because my dad was coming over and my doesnt like us around him. She got into the car and drove. it was a 20 minute ride. when we got there i saw my grandma waiting outside for us. i opend the door and ran toward her. she opend her arms and i hugged her. she had a warm smile on her face. "Grandma! i've missed you" she smiled at me "i've missed you too Jessie. AH! chloe come and give me a hug!" and i felt chloe hugging me and grandma i let go and stepped back and so did chloe. "Oh Nick! you've gotten so big" he smiled and hugged her. "Oh! and your taller than me to!" she put her hands on her hips while we laughed. "Oh come on in i made fresh cookies!" i smiled "YAY!" and ran inside. i saw the cookies on the table and grabbed one.

*The next day*

Grandma had just dropped us off at our house. I opened the door and said "MOM WE'RE HOME" but she didnt responed Chloe and Nick had already came inside. I looked at the couch and saw a man on it. "Who are you?" i asked. he smiled "Im your father" i smiled and ran toward him "DAD!" and Chloe yelled "NO!" but i still ran toward him. He hugged me but then i felt a sharp pain in my back and Blacked out


Nick had left already and i saw my little sister fall tot he ground lifeless. i was shocked. He got up and started walking toward me. "Come on give your  father a hug" i shook my head and ran out the door. after a while i caught up to him and explained what happend after he heard what happend we kept running.


We had reached a dead end. it was a big wall but i could hoist chloe over. if i did that he would surely kill me but if it ment saving my sister then i'll sacrafice anything for her. "Chloe put ur foot on my hand" she nodded and did as i said. "grab the wall and climb over" i told her while i was raising her. she grabbed the wall and climbed over.


After i climbed over i dropped to the ground. i saw Nick trying to climb over but then he fell to the ground with a knife through his chest. I screamed in horror. but then i kept running with tears in my eyes. Finally i couldnt stand it anymore. i was tired so i stopped running and fell to the ground. the last thing i saw was His face. My 'dad's' face. And then I blacked out.


I waited in my house for Jessie to see if i could come out but she didnt come. I walked to her house and knocked on the door and a man answerd the door. "Um Is jessie here?" he glared at me "No she's not" and he slammed the door in my face. Everyday i kept doing it and she still wasnt there. Finally i gave up. By the time i Turned 14 i figured she died. I locked myself in my room and cryed my eyes out.

** No One's P.O.V**

That same year thomas died. no one knew how or when. may they all Rest In Piece

The End

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