The beggining of the trilogy of the beggining of the trilogy of the trilogy

What is this i don't even.

One day Spanner the sparrow ate a ball of chess  pieces that were made of ice cream. The ice cream is a unitentionally dangerous beast as it is chocolate icecream. You may be wondering why this makes any difference. That is because it was made by a fox, the fox was talented at making ice cream, and you should know.

You yes you this is because you ate his ice cream last week didn't you, you have no loyalty to your normal supplier of ice cream. Do you? You never show any loyalty unless it is friday do you, and I know why, it is because you like friday, as it is the day you eat take away's, isn't it?

Since the fish and chip shop has it's best maker of fish and chips, Andy, working there on fridays. This is because he lives in china and to get to england it takes him six days as he can only afford to fly to Jeruselum and he has to get the train the rest of the journey.

He can only afford to fly to Jeruselum as he only works on fridays.

I think I am starting to get off subject.


The End

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