The Before

Kind of a really long and drawn out opening to my other story TimeWalkers which I hope to finish someday (Timewalkers, not this story, this story is finished and just needs ironing out at sometime in the future)

The Before


All mythologies and lore agree, that in the beginning, there was nothing. Or, at least, no existing thing. Many mythologies claim that their deity or deities were present, but that is beside the point. They were wrong.

          In the beginning there was in fact nothing or at least no existing deity, person, place or thing. There was the swirling undercurrent of power, of eddies and shifting shapes this power took. Dancing the dance of the most violent storm. Singing of the most powerful energies. However, it has been said that nothing lasts forever, just for really long times. How long existence lived in this shape solely has never been, and never will be, fully known.

          At some point, the undercurrents of latent power brushed against each other in such a certain way that a new shape power took hold, technically two shapes. These shapes were formless at first, merely denser clouds of power. However these clouds acted as a tornado does, sucking in everything around themselves, sucking in the power that surrounded them.

          Eventually these “tornadoes” encountered each, brushing against each other as clouds do. Howeve, when they collided, their energies cacelled eachother out, and the net result were two shapes within the power, with structure to their form. Soon these shapes became definitive and in an instance, there came the first Noble Beings. There came Lord Time, ruler of progression, and inevitability. There came Lady Space, ruler of expansion, and emptyness.

          Though the instance had passed, the Noble Beings still absorbed the power around them. And the Nobles, recognizing without thought the other as their sole competitor, struck out at the other, with powers still not understood. The waves of power the pair generated, upon meeting created, what it has come to be called, the Omniverse. In its first moments, the Omniverse was a turbulent place, similar to existence before the Noble Beings. Within the Omniverse were the eddies of power, and swirling vortexes of a new creation, light, and of course its counter and balance, where there was a lack of it, darkness.

          As soon as the Omniverse was, it began to swell outwards, encompassing all that wasn’t, absorbing power as the Nobles had, but not condensing it, merely bringing it within itself.

          The Lord and Lady, shocked by what had been wrought, immediately broke off any further argument, to examine their creation. They were of course amused by light, enjoying immensly how it felt against their skin, warmth and bright and smooth. Darkness, as balance, was chill and rough to the touch. Both sensations being pleasurable, both Lord and Lady forever preserved Light and Dark as oppposite but separate.

          As both beings further explored their powers, they sought creation of new elements. As the Omniverse was mostly empty, excepting Light and Dark, something was created to fill it. This 3rd and new element was ethereal. Complex shapes could be created out ofit. It was impervious to Light, and would block it at any chance. It was named Matter. Fourth to come was Life.

Life, when first created, was uninteresting. It was amorphous, and slow moving. It had no will and moved chaotically in random directions, often bumping into things. But it was also greedy, upon creation it began to absorb all near amounts of Power. Of course, soon it began to trouble the Lord and Lady, and was immediately destroyed. However, Lord Time advocated further experimentation with Life. Lady Space feared more competition, and would not allow it, lacking some way to contain it.

Lord Time seized the challenge, and created the first of what we now call Metaversi. Of course this first creation was an archaii compared to modern creations. The wall of the Metaverse limited the movement of Power within, and the wonders which naturally inhabited the Omniverse withered within the confines of the Metaverse. However, both beings, Lord and Lady, thought that this barrier would still not be enough to contain life. Within the Metaverse was created yet another partition, this yet smaller place was the original Universe. Here was life placed, in a desolate backwater, a shadow of a shadow of true wonder. With little Power to consume, Life stagnated. Disgusted by it’s shallowness, it’s greed, life was condemned to the pit that was its’ prison.



It has never been discussed how long it went before the idea struck the Nobles. They had been growing bored with little to do. They had combined in a piece of Matter, Light and Darkness, but that shattered and was never accomplished again. Light was given Life, and tried to encompass the entire Omniverse, and was quickly destroyed. All three elements were imbued with Power, but failed to react. All manner of permutations and combinations were tried but fresh ideas began to run out very quickly. Soon, growing tired with boredom, they tried creating a fifth element, several times (with some unnoteworthy yet very interesting results), and eventually a result was created.

Order was even more boring than life, and was quickly sent to the same prison as Life. Life and Order failed to interact very well. The Nobles eventually agreed that since Order no longer inflicted the Omniverse and all went as it had, a hidden sixth element as at work, which they classified as Chaos. It was soon after the naming of Chaos, when The Idea struck.

The Idea was the creation of beings like themselves, if somewhat reduced in power that could touch the elements as they did and create things to amuse them. To maintain their sovereignty, it was agreed that their creations would be imprisoned where Life and Order’s prison was, but not in the inner sanctum where their creativity would be limited. Of course, that latter condition might’ve been a mistake.

So Lord Time and Lady Space came together and focused their power upon a dense cloud of Power, what would become their first “child”. And so was born he, Life, Creation, Death, Destruction. Immediately, before Life could become aware of his surroundings, he was sent to his own prison, where he remained ignorant. Before continuing creating more “children”, it was decided that they observe the results of their experiments before they coninue they watched a while, whilst Life, Creation, Death, Destruction explored his new powers.

The contents of Life’s prison at the time of his creation consisted of a single mass of Matter surrounded by Abscence, a single example of Light surrounded by Darkness, and an  Life (being governed by Order) living on the Matter. All of this in the a Universe at the center of his prison.

For a long time he explored as his parents had, playing with the elements combining them. Soon he found Life and Order’s prison and explored there. When he found Life, he became facinated with it. First he changed its shape, over and over again. He soon found that some shapes were rendered unsustainable by the presence of Order, put paid it little heed. He soon copied life and set upon that lump of matter countless shapes and forms of Life. The forms of Life reacted little to his ministrations, but these new amusing creations, which The Nobles viewed in secret, were enough to convince them that they should continue.

Continue they did, very slowly of course, for it took effort to make each one. Each “child” they created added new dimensions to the prison they didn’t know they inhabited. As each matured in Power, they learned new ways to change it, soon it was full of meaningless creations, each pleasing the Nobles to a great degree. Soon after their 13th “child”, who has come to be known as Thought, Reason, Impulse, and Insanity. Life began to change. Each creation visited by him soon after became much more active. They began to move, to explore on their own, and yes, fight amongst themselves so as to continue their existence, to eat one another,  for since Death had come, Life had not long to live unless focused on with Power. And Life soon began to run in cycles, each coming at random, when there were many versions of Life procreating, and then when they stopped and were eventually consumed. Life was in Chaos incarnate.

As the thirteen sought to somehow save their creations from destroying one another, they tried focusing elemental Order on Life, but it either didn’t work, or stagnated Life so badly that much of it died. Around this time, is when the story finally  begins, when my mistress was born.

Lord Time and Lady Space faced each other, on opposite sides of a large, and particularly, and unbeknownst to them, dense cloud of pure Power. Both then threw out their arms and with this gesture, they conjured the Power from within themselves that they would use to shape the cloud before them. As titanic forces came to bear, the cloud beagn to compress and take shape. The shape, not dissimilar to them. As the cloud began to take shape, it sucked in surrounding smaller clouds of Power, as had her “siblings” before her, and her “parents” before them. And as soon as her shape had progressed far enough, the Lord and Lady began to infuse my lady with the balancing forces of the Omniverse. Lord Time wielded Order and Light and Matter, whereas Lady Space flourished Chaos and Darkness, and Absence.

Her shape had finished forming, her Identity engraved on her very being. Her mind struggled to awareness. As one, Lord Time and Lady Space once more took hold of their powers, and She was whisked away to her temporary prison.















Chapter One


She had awoken in a garden of her Brother’s creations. Life had been busy, creating all manner of types of Life, and wanting to preserve them ad infinitum, had put them into a sort of statis, preserving its’ shape, preventing it from dying. But to existence they were dead, not reacting to all around them, unaware of the passing aeons, silent ad perpetuum.

Thought the Garden was in Darkness, She didn’t Light to look around her and see the wonders. As She gathered her bearings, she looked above her. In the distance, was something far more wondrous than mere forms of Life, it was Light. As She marveled at seeing Light for the first time, literally, she wished that it was closer, and unconsciously willed herself towards it.

As she grew closer to it, she reached out with one hand for a touch . . . and it flew away! Though surprised, She gave chase. Several times she almost caught this insolent little ball of Light. The hunt was exhilarating for her, and at some point She began to giggle uncontrollably. At last, she caught it! As she grabbed hold of it, her laughing reached its climax, and the little ball of Light went out.

She was shocked by what had happened. With growing dread, she realized that she was responsible. She was on the verge of tears. Suddenly the little ball reappeared before her. Her mood immediately returned to elation and she reached for it again, this time a bit slower. However she stopped, when her hand and arm entered her field of vision.

Her arm was slim, lacking any defining muscles underneath, but still looked powerful. Her hands were small with long and slender fingers. Her skin was pale, verging on white. I have arms, I have a body.

She was awestruck by the conscious realization that she had a physical body. The little ball of light, sensing her mood, began to change. It began to thin out and stretch, until it was the size of Her. Then its’ light began to fade, and it became reflective.

Before Her stood a woman, wearing a diaphanous dress of dark silver, her hair black as Darkness. Her face, the shape of a raindrop, could only be described as regal. Eyes the color of her dress, silver, not gray. A small, narrow nose sat directly between them. Her cheekbones were high, but narrow. Her chin came to point just below her open mouth. Her body was as slim everywhere else as her arms . . .

I am beautiful.

So entranced with her own body, it was a long time before she noticed that she was not alone. Her senses, though still undeveloped, told her that she had company. Three beings floated in front of her. Each was as equally beautiful as Her.

In the center was a “He”, clad entirely in black. His body was wide at the shoulders, but short. His straight black hair matched his clothes, and Her own hair. It came to the tops of his ears, but his eyes were blue. His nose, long and hooked. His face was broader, and shorter. His wide mouth was pressed firmly into a line.

To his left, was a woman, like Her. Her dress was darker than Her’s, but lighter than the man’s, the color of dusk.  Her hair was pale, much too pale to simply be called “blonde”, and fell in tresses down her back. Her skin was darker as well. Where She was slim, this woman was a stick, and much taller than the one in the middle. She was obviously impatient, as her arms were crossed in front of her, just below her ample bosom.

To the right, there was a second man. He was dressed in a light gray suit, the color of a stormy sea. His eyes were slanted slightly, and were light blue. His hair was dark brown, wavy, and reached his wide shoulders. He was as tall as, or taller than, the woman. But whereas his companions seemed displeased with her behavior, he was merely curious, with an eyebrow cocked.

As soon as they realized she had seen them, they began to move towards Her. They didn’t actually move, they simply floated towards her, as if their will alone propelled them. As soon as they were only a short distance away, they stopped. The one in center regarded her for a moment, and then spoke;

“Greetings, who might you be?” The question was startling for several reasons. The first was his voice, which was rich, and deep, almost a thrumming. Second was that She had not thought about it before. Finally was the fact that she already knew the answer.

“I am Fate, Destiny, Fortune, and Chance”, She declared, with all the confidence one many times her age would. The moment after she was done, a sphere of distortion, like a ripple in water, expanded outwards from her. It rapidly overtook her visitors, and was lost from sight. The effect was clearly somewhat surprising, as both the woman on the left and the man on the right were sent flying. The man in the center, however, seemed nonplussed as the shockwave washed over him. He merely glanced behind himself and smiled as his companions sought to right themselves.

Far in the distance, there was a gargantuan black sphere, made seemingly of pure darkness. As Fate saw the edge of the shockwave pass through it, it seemed to get even darker, and began to blur.

Fate, distracted by the black sphere, which continued to blur losing all semblance of shape, didn’t notice when the Man in the center, now rejoined by the other two, asked her a second question. When Fate failed to answer, he asked again, a bit louder this time.

“Fate, Destiny, Fortune, and Chance, if that is your name, what are you the ruler of?”

Fate, not grasping the question, could not answer. So instead she asked a question of her own. “What is your name?”

The man in the center answered first. “I am Life, Creation, Death, and Destruction, I rule all that begins, lives, and ends.”

The other two looked to be more hesitant with their names, as if unused to them. Finally the woman spoke up. “I am Truth, Honesty, Lie, and Deceit, I am rule  our speech”

The second he, still looked unsure, but eventually spoke up “I am Thought, Reason, Impulse, and Insanity, I govern all minds.”

“And you Fate, Destiny, Fortune, and Chance, what do you rule?” Life again questioned.

She spoke before she could think “I rule all that was, all that is, and especially all that will be, I rule balance between Order and Chaos, and command it to my will.”

















Chapter Two


From there we jump through Time, to another instance which garners attention.

A large amount of Time had passed since Fate had named herself, and She had learned as much as had happened in the intervening time.

Her siblings, as they called themselves, were curious as to how Fate would balance the Chaos that ruled Life. However, it became apparent that she spoke the truth.

Life began to function again, no matter how active they were. More importantly, the Universe had begun to change. It had become much more diffuse, and existed in different states. Each fragment of the original Universe was similar the others. However, the further each fragment was from another, the less they had in common. This was a curious effect, as the Universe remained intact, it was merely . . . diffuse.

After Fate officially became the fourteenth deity of the Universe, her elder sister Truth left and went on her way to play with their prison as her siblings before her had. Fate replaced her and together with her two brothers, sought to learn how to fully manipulate her powers. According to her siblings, this usually was a long and arduous task which took each at least two Emergences to master (for in this still new and chaotic time, the passing of Time was measured with each newly arrived sibling) but Thought seemed to possess the ability to transfer experience from one mind to another. As such, it only took her until the next Emergence, and for every sibling after her, it would be instantaneous.

By the time her eldest younger brother Emerged, she possessed all the knowledge and power of her siblings. Although today it argued that she was more powerful than her siblings long before she had completed her training.

Of course the whole cadre of siblings were still trying to puzzle out what had happened to the inner prison when Fate named herself, the effects were even worse than when Thought had named himself. At first life lived in balance, but as time went on, each separate shard began to change dramatically. It seemed that the inner prison containing all, living, Life had shattered.

In one piece, life had created a perfect harmony, Order had overthrown the reign of Chaos and one could know exactly where anything was going to be at any time. In another piece it was even more chaotic than before, seemingly stripped of that last amount of Order. In another it was balanced perfectly between Chaos and Order. This of course was the most popular with all of Fate’s siblings, as their natures were balance.

All other shards were mostly used as places of experimentation. Soon it was discovered that with the right skill, one could create personal shards. Places ideally suited to each one of the then fifteen siblings. Most of those first attempts were archaii in comparison with some that are around today.

Fate especially needed her own shard, because soon after naming herself, sooner after mastering her powers, a most unusual phenomenon had been appearing.

The first sighting of the Fabric of Fate had been discovered by the third eldest brother, who had been exploring the center of the shard of Order. Upon reaching the center of the shard, he came across a floating mass of strings, constantly shifting and writhing about others. Thinking it the ugliest form of life yet encountered, he destroyed it without a thought. The shard was sterile the next instant.

In other universes, it appeared, more or less depending upon how much Order was invested in the structure of that shard. Soon it appeared before Fate herself who had searching for some of this legendary fabric.

Upon creating a separate shard, she conducted a battery of tests, first investing varying amounts of all of the elements into it. When she introduced Life and Order as a combination, and let it thrive for a time, she again went looking.

As before, it was in the center of the shard, a huge mass of it. Calling it a fabric however doesn’t do it justice, for it implies that it is bi-dimensional, which it is not. It exists in seven dimensions, although at the time it was mostly relegated to five. Of course, instead of seeing a drab wall of gray, instead Fate saw what was the unusual shape of threads constantly shaping, twining, joining, branching mess of threads that seemed to grow off each other near the center, which was mostly still, and unraveled towards the fringes, where the threads wee all but whirling around. All the threads spoke to her, each taking a subtly different color ranging between what can roughly be described as light beige and ocher, each representing a life, each showing its entirety, from the past through the present to the future.

As soon as Fate came to the conclusion that this was indeed a manifestation of Destiny (which we now know are the Threads of Destiny, which binds bodies to the Element of Life) She immediately removed them from the Shard, and brought them to her Palace, which she was still constructing in her personal Shard.


Fate’s home was a shard completely uninhabited, but filled with all manner of wonders of Light and Matter, and of course completely permeated with Order. Although this sounds simpler than what we have today, it was simpler time.

 Upon reaching her home, Fate released her charge, the ball of threads, to float freely in space, illuminated by Light from surrounding projects. She studied it as she orbited around it, pulling and pushing individual threads with her mind. Fate didn’t need to see the results in person, just by observing the threads she could see them.

Pull a thread residing in the past, but recently, moved some threads around it, which moved some of the threads around them, etc., but less with each degree of separation. But each pull in the distant past caused hugely greater reactions. Some pulls changed some threads of the past to twitch in response and rebound back to their original orientations. She went even further back, and twitched a thread near the beginning, and a cascade charged for the future. Suddenly, the future showed the threads unraveling into nothing mass, and the present charging towards it.

Cause and effect, push and pull, past and future, Dichotomy, Balance. Fate, so entranced by her work on a tithe of existence, which consisted of less than a million lives that she did not notice the passage of Time, in fact she missed the emergence of her younger sister.

Empathy, Emotion, Apathy, and Neutrality named herself before all of her elder siblings, missing Fate, and so introduced feelings into their surroundings. Though it was exciting at first, eventually all went their own ways. Empathy thought she might want to meet her youngest elder sister, so Thought escorted her, all the while educating her in the ways of manipulation of the Elements.

Fate hadn’t felt the ripple of power that signaled a Naming, but noticed its effect, as suddenly the threads before her broadened their color spectrum, clean cut branches all suddenly vanished, new sinuous ones appeared, all of them even more slender than those before them, some branching in new and amazing shapes of spirals, whorls, arches, and some shapes which had yet to be named. Sometimes branches wouldn’t reveal themselves until just ahead of the present, branches thick with certainty when reached suddenly unraveled as other branches became reality. All of Fate’s work and study suddenly became wasted.

Liquid waves of wrath surrounded her, like fire these waves destroyed everything in their path, burning her experiment before her eyes. This just renewed her anger and more waves of uncontrollable anger rolled off her. Even more frustrating was how she had no control over these new feelings, and she was so lost in her cyclical rage that she didn’t notice when her Siblings arrived.

“Enjoying new sensations, Fate?” Thought asked sarcastically. Fate whirled around with a dark expression on her face, which lightened slightly as she took a moment to look. As he walked in, Thought was flanked by what had to be a new Sister, probably she who had destroyed her work.

“Yes, and who is this I see follows you? Is it her and her powers which have destroyed my project?!” Fate demanded. While Thought was thinking of an answer, carefully, Fate took an instant to study her new sibling.

This one vaguely resembled Fate. Both Sisters had black hair, same nose, and same chin. But she had a smaller face, almost child-like, and her eyes were the color of leaves in springtime. She was also shorter than Fate, and wider in general, except at the waist. When she noticed Fate’s look, she smiled back and waved nervously. Fate’s look turned to a glare.

“This is our new Sister, Empathy, Emotion, Apathy, and Neutrality. And it is debatable who destroyed your project, but empirically, evidence actually points to you.”

“The project was destroyed before I burned it. Judging from her name, it was her who destroyed it, but I can not hold her nature against her.” Fate said, visibly cooling, “And with all of my work now meaningless, I must get back to it quickly if we are to understand these Threads in anything like reasonable time.” Fate promptly turned around and reached outwards and called to herself her former project at the exact instant she had burned it. Before her it appeared, and began again its multicolored writhing.

“Fascinating, Fate, it seems you are at work with that strange fabric we’ve been finding. And what have you found?”

“Well, brother Thought, I have discovered its purpose, its meaning, and, before Emotion, its nature.” Before her brother could question, as she could see he would, she hurried on whilst examining a tangle of threads. “Its purpose is to focus the Destinies of all life in one place, of course where you would see just a piece of gray fabric, I see everything that has happened, is happening and will happen. Its’ meaning you couldn’t decipher unless you were me,” Fate paused at this, cocking her head, before continuing “I can tell what every form of life is doing, what they did up to that point and what they will do, in a ways. Its nature is simplistic; every thread corresponds to each mote of Life in a shard I have created. The Threads and the Life are symbiotic; one can’t exist without the other, and one affects the other instantaneously. Every instant, Life faces decisions which must be judged, thus the branches, and once a path is picked, all superfluous others cease to be. Threads close to others are close together in their Life counterparts. With this fabric, I could not only watch the life of a single Universe, but of all of them.”

Thought paused to consider this huge revelation which though rushed, premature, and not his realm of specialty, was not too difficult to comprehend. Suddenly, he realized Fate had said something particularly curious, at which point he furrowed his brow and called out to Fate, now across the other side of the cloud, “Universe?”

Empathy suddenly chose that moment to speak up “Of course, the interactions between them are so severely limited that they might as well be the only one, if not in truth then in thought.”

Of course, both of her elder siblings were shocked, Thought turned his head and stared at her, one eyebrow arched. Fate was so stunned, she froze for a moment, in fact, though unnoticed, the Threads froze with her. Eventually Fate got her wits back, and turned to regard her sister in a new light.

“Very good Empathy, you got it in one guess” Fate started in a cautious tone that did not betray her interest, “but what allows you to see things as I do?”

“You see how events unfold in hindsight and foresight, but I see what drives the turning of events as they occur, as I see there in your Threads” Empathy said pointing past Fate “the colors there call to me, however, I understand the events little, that is your expertise.”

Of course Fate was very interested was very interested by this turn of events, and since she didn’t want to waste more time trying to decipher what she wasn’t supposed to, so she thought an idea. “Empathy, since your arrival, I have become but a novice again at understanding this, would you care to join me?”

Empathy smiled “Of course Fate, it would be my pleasure”








Chapter Three


Little changed for Aeons. Of course with each Emergence, Life gained new depths and complexities. One significant change came with Fate’s last sibling, her youngest sister Sentience. Usually, after a naming, Life and all in their shared prison changed dramatically and instantly (or near to). However, Sentience’s power was slow and creeping, and was only noticed when some Life began to work together, creatively, and began working on the foundations of civilization. All siblings were shocked by this behavior, and each reacted differently when encountering it. Some burned all Sentient Life they could find.

However, Fate and Empathy, who had grown inseparable after Aeons of working together, wanted to experiment with Sentience, to better understand and shape it.


Fate and Empathy floated, staring at each other across a large empty space near Fate’s home. Without a gesture but a flexing of wills, they focused their power on a single point, willing into existence a sphere to contain their experiment, and then its contents. In its center they focused their power down to in infinitesimal point, and into this point of Power they focused large portions of all the Elements Light, Darkness, Order, Chaos, Matter, and Life. With simply a flourishing gesture, both let go of the power. Nothing happened for an instant, just an instant, but an instant so small that nothing in the Omniverse can fully describe its’ brevity, even today. And then, there was.

Of course not much could be said for the beginning. Fate and Empathy waited in the ante-chamber of the palace they had built together in Fate’s personal Shard, surrounded by the swirling clouds of all the other Universes that they had gathered. However their attention was focused on the center of the room, waiting for the first flickers of Life. They didn’t have to wait long, for they had also set the Universe’s time to a pace far faster than what was reality. Sooner than expected they had what they wanted. Before them appeared the first of the strands. Most were just lines that subtly curved, split into new threads and unraveled. Eventually the Threads became more familiar with branches, which became thicker and thicker.

Soon the moment came, Sentience arose. Their Threads were hard to miss, with hundreds of branches coming off of them, not often taking the thickest branch. They were also unmistakable with their coloring. The hues and shades and variations of color upon their threads, stretched entire spectrums.

“So this is Sentience? It truly is a wonder!” Empathy said in an awed tone. As she watched, entire civilizations rose and fell. Life came and went so quickly that it was more akin to the buzzing of an insect’s wings.

“I wouldn’t say a wonder; I’d say ‘very interesting’, but not ‘a wonder.’” Fate replied with an even tone. “Look at them; wandering through their lives, not knowing where they came from, ignorant, they don’t even know we’re watching them.” At this Fate smiled. As the swirling continued, yet new emotions came into play competing in new ways for the attention of Sentience, one was especially curious, “Empathy, what does this color signify?” Fate said pointing to it.

Empathy didn’t reply, though, in fact she stopped listening after “watching them”. Empathy’s own mind had frozen her. What she suddenly understood would’ve paralyzed anyone. An understanding which would lead to the undoing of the Omniverse . . . but much further down the Thread of Destiny, in another story.

Fate looked at her sister when she refused to answer. She appeared to be unmoving, and in a state of shock. Fate couldn’t figure out what it could be that had so shocked her. Could it have been something I said? Fate looked over what she had said. I don’t see what could’ve been so shocking. Let’s see, remarking on Sentience, ignorance-. Fate finally saw what she had failed to, she and every one of her siblings.


It had taken some time, but Fate and Empathy finally gathered together all of their Siblings. Together they told them, and with them they understood.


Lord Time and Lady Space had been watching the arising of Sentience across the half dozen Universes that been created to house it. They often came into the prison like this, cloaked and disguised, so they could see all these new creations. They were unaware of the discovery being made; they didn’t know when all of their children set out for the wall of their domain. They were aware, however, when the wall to their prison was breached. They were snapped back to exterior of their children’s prison. In the realm of the Nobles streamed the Noble’s children.

Dazed by the most amazing of discoveries, awed by the wonder of the naked Omniverse, and exhilarated by unhindered Power floating everywhere, they didn’t notice the Lord and Lady for a short period. However, that didn’t last, as soon enough one noticed, and when one did, they all did.

As one surging mass of epically powerful beings, they charged their parents. As one, the beleaguered Lord Time and Lady Space erected a shield to defend themselves, and this checked the charge, however briefly, enough for cooler heads to prevail. The roiling, thrashing waves of anger rolling off of them were more than palpable. Finally, taking charge, Fate pushed her way to the front of the crowd, flanked by Empathy, Thought, and Creation.

“Who are you?” Fate asked, her mind reeling with anger.

“I am Lord Time” “I am Lady Space” “We are the creators, rulers, and masters of the Omniverse” they answered at the same time. Though they were confronted by a combined power they could never match, they both bore defiant expressions. Lord Time then continued “And we are you creators too.”

Though this piece of information was unsettling, Fate was undeterred “We demand to know why. Why we kept, away from this place, why we were kept in a cage, regardless of how gilded it was!” Fate demanded. There was a resounding murmur of agreement from behind her.

Lady Space answered for him “We couldn’t risk our Sovereignty just so we could have some entertainment.” Any hope of a peaceful settlement at this juncture died with this comment, as the anger of the Noble Children nearly boiled over the instant as Lady Space said this in a casual, almost flippant tone.

“Is entertainment all we are to you?” Life asked.

“Yes” replied both, sealing their futures.

“We could destroy you if we wanted” Fate murmured in a very low voice “But that would undoubtedly destroy us, if not the entire Omniverse. So your punishment will be different. You will be bound, you will be sealed away, and then you will be banished from here. Never may you return here, to infinity and ad perpetuum.” Fate decreed with a loud voice.

With the end of Fate’s sentencing, all of the Siblings focused their power and bound their parents where they were. They were bound in chains of unbreakable Power. They were sealed in caskets of the densest Matter and brightest Light. With the last cooperative act between the siblings ever, their Parents were whisked away to the edge of the Omniverse, and sent hurtling away into the wastelands of Power that existed beyond. Soon they were obscured from view.

Before the siblings could disperse, they heard the voices of Lord Time and Lady Space one last time. It was whispered and reverberated across the lingering clouds of Power “If we are gone, who will keep the balance between you all? The Omniverse was not meant to be ruled by many, it was created in balance, and in balance it must be kept. Until it is in balance, it will set you against one another. You will fight, and we will laugh”


As the siblings recoiled from the revelations of the voices, Fate herself was far more concerned with what had suddenly materialized in her hands. Resting in her palms was a pair of dice, Black Dice, black like Darkness. They had a great weight to them. Fate, then, heard the voices of her Parents, the last to ever do so. “To you Fate, executor of judgment and ‘justice’, we curse you with these. Their power is great, and can grant you many boons, but the day will come, when you need them most, and it will be the day they roll against you”

Chapter Four


Soon, of course, Lord Time and Lady Space were proven right. Soon Siblings began to argue and fight one another. It was argued that the Omniverse must be ruled by one of them, as only one could a balancing force. This train of logic was accepted by most, but most disagreed with who would be in charge.

Monstrous creations, soldiers for the armies of various siblings, constantly warred with each other.  Eventually, Fate caught Empathy assisting Thought in the creation of his army. Fate, was strongly against the entire conflict, threw Empathy out of her palace, refusing to associate with her ever again.


At this point, we draw close to the conclusion of this story as we approach the Rise of the Timewalkers.


Fate sat in her Throne room, from where she conducted her experiments since the fighting had gotten so bad it was unsafe to leave her Home. She was studying the Threads of a new Universe she had created, seeing the results of a slightly changed set of Natural Laws within it.

As she sat studying it, one of the threads suddenly lit with a silver light and seemed to race down the 4 dimensional shape towards one end, and then it seemed to race back. Fate grasped what had happened almost immediately, a mortal had somehow crossed trough Time into another era and back. With a whim and a thought she called this Thread to her. And before her appeared a Man, sitting upon such a strange device of brass, crystal, and bits of a white material, all joined in the middle with a seat of some sort. There were two levers near the front, but other than that it was a smooth contraption, shiny everywhere.

The man looked around, obviously confused. His gaze finally settled on Lady Fate, who sat on her throne, looking down at the Man, studying him. After a few seconds, his expression changed to that of finality. He cleared his throat, and with a strange accent, began to speak. “I assume my trespassings on the fourth dimension have not gone unnoticed, are you God?”

“You assume correctly, though I do not know who this ‘God’ is. I am Fate, Destiny, Fortune, and Chance, ruler and creator of your universe. Is this your Time Machine?” Fate asked the strangely dressed man before her.

“It is m’lady. Am I to assume that I am to die for defying the natural order?” His expression fell as he asked this of the powerful woman before him. Fate considered this, seriously. It would be dangerous to have a Universe where mortal beings could transverse Time as easily as they did worlds. But Fate had become lonely since she had banished Empathy from her Home. Some company would be preferable.

“No, no, you will be much more entertaining Immortal than dead.” And with this Fate Power from nearby and directed it at this mortal, whilst shaping it with her own powers. All at once his body was surrounded with a silver-ish halo, as if he were outlined with silver Light. He dropped to his knees as the force hit him.


And there I was, in the Throne room of Fate for the first time. Everything around me was clearer than before. Everything I saw could be perceived in infinite spectrums. I could feel the pull of Power nearby. I felt more alive than ever before. I felt like God must. And when I opened my eyes to behold the Goddess before me, I felt small and puny once more. I moved to kneel before her,“What should I call you, m’lady?”

Fate rose from her Throne and descended the stair towards him. She spared another glance my way but moved towards my Time Machine. As she caressed one of the Ivory clad pieces, it vanished, and I have never seen it since. She stood there thinking for a few seconds, and then turned to face me. She regarded me for another fraction of a second, then glided past me once more, and ascended the steps to her throne.

“I actually think Lady Fate has a rather nice ring to it.” She said as she sat down. “But I have much to discuss with you, you who would walk through Time as easily as he would through air.”

“Rise Timewalker.”


The End

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