Luther swung open the door that led to the rooftop of his apartment building. He was met with a cold breeze and the rustle of scattered aluminium cans left behind from a previous rooftop party; nothing he was too familiar with. Placing one foot in front of the other, he made his way towards the ledge of the building; wary that this would be the final time the force of gravity would allow his being to stand upright. He took a deep breath as he stepped up onto the ledge.

On the horizon, he watched as the sun slowly made its descent in order to make way for the moon to wreak havoc. Below him, cars appeared miniscule, ant-like; creeping up behind one another. He imagined the people inside anticipating to get home to their inviting families, their warm beds, where they could finally rest their tired minds.

Luther could feel an anxiety attack making its way from the pit of his stomach up towards his oesophagus. Without further hesitation, he closed his eyes, spread open his arms, and let himself fall from the ledge.

For a moment, everything was dark. When he came to, Luther felt weightless. “Am I alive?” Before he could ponder on that thought any longer, he felt a heavy force lift him up off the ground. He was rising higher and higher. As he peered down, he saw the blood stained floor and the body that he once possessed, crushed by the gravitational forces which pulled him down to Earth after his leap. His question was answered.

He rose higher and higher until he entered what appeared to be a vast expanse of empty space. He was alone. “Is this heaven?” At that moment, he heard an unfamiliar sound behind him, like that of an entity speeding towards him. He turned, and to his horror, saw a mass of beings - souls perhaps - like himself, racing towards him. They flew right past him, without a second thought; there must have been millions. Puzzled, he flew to join the masses.

There was no comprehending where they were going, but he felt an excruciating urge to follow in the same direction they were headed. While most were moving at a reasonable pace, he noticed one soul moving with much more speed behind it. This soul appeared well built, had attractive facial features, and possessed a competitive and inconsiderate nature about it. Luther watched as this being pushed other souls aside to get ahead of them.

Luther sped up next to this being, only to be knocked back by it. Enraged and governed with an indescribable motivation to get past it, Luther sped up, racing it until the pair were well ahead of the rest of the group. With all the might that he could gather, Luther swung himself against the being beside him. This blow knocked it far back and he watched with a smirk as he continued his lead in front of the pack.

Smack. Luther turned to see that he had made a crack in a large round white entity which blocked his path. Behind him, he watched as the masses of souls sped ever more closely toward his direction. In frantic desperation, Luther kept smacking his head at the crack, until he made his way inside this shimmering round object. He laughed at the masses which had reached the object, but could find no way inside. After a moment of flying around with glee inside his domed heaven, Luther found himself exhausted and laid his eyes to rest.

Nine months later, he opened his eyes for the first time, and let out a tearful wail. 



The End

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