Luther may be done with life, but life has other plans in store for Luther.
Inspired by Ben Brand

"Dear Luther,

Thank you for your application.  You have not been shortlisted for the role.

Due to the high number of applications received, we are unable to offer individual feedback except to say it is about having the right mix of skills and experience.

We wish you success in your career.

Warm regards,



Luther stared despondently at the screen before him which stared right back. He could swear that it was sneering at him through those words of rejection. He shut his laptop screen and diverted his eyes towards the window of his high-rise apartment, just in time for a pigeon to fly past, squirting its faecal matter against the glass pane.

He felt a snicker as the window stared back at him; its glass stained with fresh faeces. He shook his head, reminding himself “You are anthropomorphising again Luther…”At that moment, the words of his psychologist ran through his head, “Do not let negativity perpetuate itself, breed dissatisfaction and clutter the mind.”Luther let out a sigh and replied quietly in his head “Easy for you to say Dr King.”

Luther Dixon was a middle aged man, heavy around the waist with limbs shorter than average. His disproportionate body was accompanied by a plump face which was naturally rosy around the cheeks. His glasses sat with conviction on the bridge of his flattened large nostrilled nose, with hazel bulgy eyes peering through the thick lens. On the rare occasion that Luther would be caught smiling, one would immediately notice his far from infectious smile, yellowing with braces laced around each crown. The last time he received a compliment about his appearance was when he was a wee child. That was many a decade ago and his mother was no longer around to provide such remarks to boost his self-confidence.

Life thus far had been unfair to Luther. At the age of ten, he was diagnosed with severe anxiety accompanied with depression. He had lost his job several months earlier and was receiving little luck with current employment prospects. The unemployed life was wearing thin on him.

Around the same time he was let go, his partner walked out on him, claiming that she had fallen in love with her canine companion. “We will be eloping to Columbus, Ohio. I’m done with you Luther.” Luther understood that life could be cruel and uncanny, but could not fathom why his life had such a high libido. It would not cease to screw him -over and over.

He got up from his chair and walked towards the window. He was three levels from the rooftop of his building. Peering out, he noticed two lovers canoodling on a nearby park bench. After a moment of silent thought, he walked towards his apartment door, closing it gently behind him. With slumped shoulders and the weight of the world atop his cluttered mind, he made his way up the three flights of stairs.

The End

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