Chapter 15: An Indecent ProposalMature

Zoey ~

Collapsing on the couch, I began to think over my date. He said he was a changed man, but I still don’t know whether or not to trust him. “What if the wedding that you and Chris are having… could be our wedding? I am ready to take the next step Zoey, I made mistakes in the past, but I am ready to prove myself now. I’ve learned what I was supposed to do, and that was to be with you” his words repeated in my head and I grabbed the black velvet box out of my box. I opened it to a simple ring with one single diamond in the middle. I groaned and closed the box, still unsure of what I will say to Sam about my decision. I curled up and fell asleep, too tired to make it back to my own bed.


“You saw my ring?” Chris asked and I opened my eyes to Chris holding the velvet box. I groaned and rubbed my eyes together. He opened the box and frowned, realizing it wasn’t his ring. “I don’t understand… this isn’t the ring I chose for you” Chris stated and continued to stare at the ring.

“It’s not the ring you chose for me” I agreed and started to sit up and he nodded slowly, still confused. “It’s the ring that Sam chose for me” I told and put down the still-open box from Sam.

“You said yes” he asked, his voice rising slightly.

“No” I told and he sighed, relieved. “I haven’t said yes or no…” I continued and Chris tossed the box towards me heading to his room. “Chris, please listen to me” I said and put my head in my hands until I realized he returned.

“Relax would you, I wanted you to see my ring” he laughed and sat down next to me with a black velvet box in his hand. I grabbed it and paused, turning towards Chris who smiled waiting. I opened it to see possibly the most beautiful ring I have ever seen sitting inside. It was a white gold ring with a circular morganite stone in the middle and a halo of diamonds surrounding it. I noticed quickly that the ring band had diamonds all across it as well.

“Jesus Christ” I said astounded and put the ring on my finger. I was in love with it, it was utterly amazing, and I never wanted to take it off. He laughed and stood up stretching. I looked at his outfit and realized it was the same one as yesterday.

“Wait a second… Is that yesterday’s clothes you are wearing?” I asked and he looked down laughing.

“Yeah they are” he said and rubbed his fingers through his hair.

“I thought you don’t spend the night with someone” I said and laughed. He frowned sighed as he looked towards me.

“Not unless they mean something” he muttered and grabbed a can of soda out the fridge. I didn’t say anything for a moment. “If you remember Zoey, I spent the night with you” he said before walking into his room. I looked back towards Chris’ room and then looked down. Perfectly in front of me was Sam’s engagement ring, without hesitation I snapped the box closed.


“Hey what time is the meeting with the wedding planner” Chris said as he walked back out. I looked up and checked my phone.

“In about an hour” I responded and observed his new outfit. He was wearing a plaid flannel shirt that mixed blue, navy and white together. The shirt clung just enough to outline his muscles and I looked away before he would say anything. He was wearing dark blue jeans and black sneakers.

“As good as you look wearing that short dress, I think you should change out of it to meet a wedding planner” he laughed and I realized I was still wearing yesterday’s clothes as well. I went back to my room and changed into a cute retro-looking swing black with white polka dots halter dress. The dress had a black belt that went across the middle right above my waist. I brushed my hair quickly and pulled it into a bun leaving two strands hanging down my face. I quickly cleaned up and then ran out slipping black heels.

“You look like you’re from the 50s” he said and smiled as he ate an orange.

“Does it look bad” I asked suddenly worried that I looked ridiculous.

“Not at all” he laughed and threw away the skin of the orange. I grabbed my wallet and keys and followed him out the door. He locked the door behind me as we headed towards his car, on our way to meet the planner of our fake wedding.


“Tell me this beautiful couple is the couple that I get to plan the wedding of” a woman said and looked at the both of us. I nodded as I looked at Chris and the woman clapped her hands together excited.

“Come, come” she said and walked us into her office. She was a woman in her fifties with light blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She was wearing a cream suit and looked over-dressed for her job. She had her hair pulled into a tight bun that was perfectly wrapped together. There was no mess up to her hair at all. I continued to stare at her hair, envious.

“So it is Zoey and Chris correct” she asked and we nodded as she walked towards her desk and motioned for us to sit in the cream seats. Everything was cream or white, except for the desk which was a bright red. “I'm Mrs. Cupid” she said and I almost laughed at the absolutely fake and cliché name. “But you can call me Tabatha if you’d like” she continued.

We sat down and I crossed my legs, attempting to get comfortable in the chair. She sat in the huge leather chair behind her desk and smiled.

“Do you have a date?” she asked and I shook my head. “Well how about a place” she asked and I shook my head.

“There is a remote dock Zoey loves. I know it would mean the world to her if she were to get married there” he said and refused to look at me. He kept his eyes straight ahead at the wedding planner. I smiled at the mention of the dock; it would be a nice place to be married at… It occurred to me that he had kept the answer somewhat vague… ‘If she were to get married there…’ His words echoed in my head, reminding me of Sam’s proposal.

“That sounds romantic. Imagine the aisle being replaced with a dock” she clapped her hands again in excitement. She asked more questions and Chris kept answering, occasionally they would ask a question, and I would respond a yes or no, never really knowing the question. I zoned out thinking of the idea of marrying Sam, our married life together, a future. We had it planned before, but then Cassandra happened and the future had disappeared within minutes. Now he is a changed man and wants to be with me, wants our future back, a second chance. I stared down at my ring that Chris had given to me and remembered Sam’s ring. Did I want to be with Sam? I groaned internally, not knowing what I really wanted. Chris was out of the question, he thinks I slept with Ryan and is now spending the night with someone he really cares for. My eyes watered and I played with my ring trying to push those thoughts out of my mind.

“Zoey… Did you hear me?” Chris said and waved a hand in my face and I turned towards him as I came back to reality. “I was saying I believed that we covered enough today, was there anything to add?” he asked and I shook my head and smiled.

“That’s fantastic,” she said and smiled shaking our hands, eager to start our wedding planning. “Well hopefully that list I gave you should help you with figuring exactly what you guys want for your wedding” she said and Chris nodded, putting the paper in his back pocket.

“Have a great day” I said as we walked out and she waved in response. Chris closed the door and looked at me, shaking his head in disbelief.

“Did you have fun in la-la land” he asked and I shrugged.

“What was the list of?”

“Just a basic list of things we want for the wedding. What are the colors, what are the flowers, guest list, all that jazz. Stuff you would know if you were there” he joked and I shoved him playfully in response.

“I’m tired, do you mind if we take a nap before we go to the movies tonight” I asked and he nodded.

“Yeah I might take one too” he said as we got into his car. He quickly headed to the apartment; we went inside and he turned on a movie on the TV while I sat next to him on the couch. In minutes I had fallen asleep, never being more comfortable.

The End

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